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For many years the act of smoking was considered to be a norm with a vast amount of individuals smoking cigarettes or cigars daily. In recent years, the dangers of smoking are being advertised on a large scale and people are starting to take notice. Nowadays, smoking a cigarette or cigar indoors is illegal which can be inconvenient for the smoker; thus, many smokers look at quitting smoking for convenience and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It can be difficult to stop smoking and it is typically through sheer willpower that these individuals would cease the habit. By recognizing this difficulty to stop smoking, researchers have created a device known as an e-cigarette which provides the hit without health hazards. This article will provide an insight into smoking, the e-cigarette, and vaping.

The act of smoking involves an inhalation of different chemicals in a rolled filter paper. The primary ingredient in cigars and cigarettes is tobacco a leafy plant grown in warm climates. To be prepared for use in cigarettes, the tobacco is dried and ground up after being picked. In addition to use in cigarettes, the plant can also be chewed or sniffed, which is a smokeless intake of tobacco. Generally, the smokeless form is a more natural option as the tobacco is used exclusively; whereas, cigarettes and cigars utilize tobacco as a primary ingredient combined with various other chemicals. It is these chemicals that contribute to the cigarette being highly addictive and the numerous health conditions.

The addictive component of tobacco and cigarettes is a substance known as nicotine, which is released via tobacco inhalation. Upon inhalation, this nicotine is absorbed into the smokers blood stream and through the lungs, and it is this hit that the individual will crave. The craving can be exemplified through the inhalation of all other ingredients in the cigar or cigarette. Studies have shown that the average cigarette contains approximately 500 different toxins, including ammonia, arsenic, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde all chemicals that are highly dangerous to ones health.

While smoking does have some benefits, the use of cigarettes is mostly detrimental. Smoking can be a form of stress relief and relaxation for the smoker; however, despite relieving tension it is also contributing to life-threatening health problems. One of the most common side effects of smoking is cancer. Approximately 30% of all smokers will experience a form of cancer at some point in their lives, the most well-known being lung cancer. This is due to the chemicals passing through the lungs and leaving behind toxins, as is mentioned above. Additional cancers that may occur include pancreatic cancer, kidney cancer, and cancer of the mouth and throat.

When smoking a cigarette, one must not consider the individual dangers but also the danger to those around him/her. Secondhand smoking can be as dangerous as smoking the cigarette or cigar oneself, and many individuals who have been subject to secondhand smoke suffer the same medical consequences. This is one of the reasons medical practitioners advise against smoking around children and infants. Furthermore, smoking whilst pregnant can cause a health condition known as fetal tobacco syndrome a condition that influences normal growth and development of the fetus.

So, how does one overcome these potential health hazards? The simplest method of avoiding the associated cancers is through quitting smoking. This is easier said than done as the nicotine intake is addictive and many individuals who go cold turkey will relapse. Nowadays, there are various techniques to quit smoking, including acupuncture, meditation, and vaping.

Vaping is also known as smoking an e-cigarette. The e-cigarette is a battery-powered electronic cigarette that has the form and size of a traditional cigarette. Contrary to the traditional cigarette, the e-cigarette utilizes water vapor infused with nicotine instead of tobacco and the various other toxins. The e-liquid within the e-cig is heated via a heating element within the device (also known as an atomizer) and boils to create a vapor. It is this heated vapor that one inhales, similar to the smoking of a cigarette but without actual smoke. The e-liquid has a variety of flavors, including traditional tobacco, strawberry, and even the alcoholic beverage Jagermeister.

As is mentioned above, vaping is the act of smoking an e-cigarette through inhalation of the e-liquid vapor. Vaping is typically used as a method by which one will quit smoking. Due to the great similarity between an e-cig and traditional cigarette in size and shape, smokers will often find this a very successful method of quitting. While vaping does present with some nicotine inhalation, it is primarily the imitation of the physical act of smoking that causes one to become addicted to e-cigs. Unfortunately, as with many things in life, e-cigarettes do have both benefits and pitfalls.

Research into the effects of vaping is limited, but studies have shown that e-cigs can be as addictive as traditional cigarettes. This addiction can be dangerous, as individuals who choose to cease vaping will experience the same withdrawal symptoms as traditional smokers who stop smoking. These symptoms can include irritability, restlessness, anxiety, and depression. Furthermore, while vaping does not release toxins into the lungs and blood stream, it can still harm the users arteries if used over a long time period.

One advantage to smoking e-cigarettes is the cost. The traditional cigarette has been noted as far more expensive than the e-cigarette, it also does not show the same value for money. The use of cigarettes is entirely dependent upon the individuals smoking frequency, and a pack of tobacco cigarettes can last one day to thirty. Many heavy smokers can smoke over thirty cigarettes daily and will be required to purchase a minimum of one pack per day. The life expectancy of an e-cigarette also depends on the frequency of use; however, the typical e-cigarette battery can last months instead of days. It should be noted that the battery and atomizer will require replacement at some point and vaping with an old atomizer can be dangerous.

E-cigarette replacements, or vape supplies, can be purchased via e-cigarette retail stores or through specialized online stores. The cost of the item is dependent on which part of the device is being replaced. The cost of an atomizer can range between $20-$120, based on the style and model being purchased; however, atomizers have a long life expectancy and do not require frequent replacement. Unlike the atomizer, e-liquid will need to be replaced regularly. The cost of e-liquid differs dependent on the flavor of liquid and the brand. On average, e-liquid can cost between $5 and $15. Purchasing a full package can often be less costly way to replace vape supplies and starter kits are known to be as much as $5-$50.

Due to the popularity of home shopping, the majority of vape supplies are now purchased online. While there are various websites dedicated to vape supplies, it is highly recommended that one conduct research into each type of e-cigarette and online store. Testimonials from prior customers can often be located on the chosen website, but these have been known to be fraudulent. The most reliable method of locating a successful e-cigarette supplier is through reviews on third-party websites. These reviews are written by previous customers and are generally more reliable than the testimonials on the official website.

As can be seen, there are various methods of quitting smoking. Nowadays, the most popular and successful technique is through vaping; however, it is important that one is aware of all consequences associated with vaping before using e-cigarettes.


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