Apollo Electronic Cigarette was set up in LaFayatte, in California in 2008.They offer sure lures to the emptor with their standard size e cigs, chunky VTube, e Gos and intriguing range of e-liquids. Apollo Electronic Cigarette, premiere eliquid and an electronic company postulated its acquiescence with all the novel regulations proposed by US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).According to the reports, rules of FDA will command e cigarette companies to

  • Accommodate Health warnings in their packing’s
  • Strict age restrictions and identity restrictions to prevent the purchase by underage children and youth.
  • FDA registration -to ensure ingredients listings and reporting of product safety.

CEO Rick Zhu, the maker of Apollo e liquids and e cigs and founder of Apollo Future Technology, admits that Apollo pleasingly follows the guidelines set by FDA, and mentioned that Apollo has also worked within the guidelines and in compliance with FDA. He also believes that company would adhere to the regulations imposed by the FDA in future as well. The ways Apollo is consent of FDA

  • Apollo‘s signature e liquid bottles, use the child drop caps
  • Apollo’s almost entire e liquids include the labels with a list of ingredients along with appropriate and adequate health warnings and dangers.
  • The company clearly states 18 and above purchase only.
  • Proof of identification is a must for the purchase and the website of Apollo tracks minors and ask for age verifications.

The high standards of the company have enriched the lives of millions of smokers and have rendered peace of mind. The company leaders themselves are guilt free owing to their fair and transparent adherence to the FDA policies. Shipping options also rely upon age verification as no minor should get this nicotine tool.

Are Apollo’s e-liquids unexcelled?

Apollo’s USA nurtured liquids are manufactured with food safe flavoring, Convention Grade PG and VG, US Pharmacopeial and laboratory standard nicotine making them safe options.

Apollo E-Cigs follows the similar manufacturing practices as offered by the majority of food manufacturing industry. The strict procedure and protocol has adhered throughout the manufacturing of the product. The process of bottling, quality control, consistency and recipe all follow the same ritual as in a food industry. The perfect PG/VG ratio of Apollo renders best e smoking experience for a robust hit and great satisfaction.

Apollo E-Cigs has been globally serving customers since 2010.The California based e cigarette company carries all its major operations in its own factory and laboratory based in United States .The e liquids are manufactured under stringent food grade conditions by the in house chemists. The two lines of their e liquids include Driptonic and Apollo.

Apollo E-cigs are the exclusive electronic cigarette company that produces their characteristic e liquid.AS the electronic cigarette industry is accelerating with over 250 major e cigarette brands pervading the market, it’s critical for all brands to make their own mark. Apollo has the unparalleled strength of educating their adamants about the heart and soul of their products. They are the only one in the industry who has absolute control over their product quality. Julie Degnan, Marketing Director for Apollo Future Technology believes that e cigarettes have the prowess to transform the lives of American and enlighten them to a safer lifestyle. The company has the vision to create a firm reputation of electronic cigarette in the market and help uplift lives of millions of tobacco captives. The fledgling industry of electronic cigarette is surrounded by controversies and in this scenario educating consumers about the product is a must. Apollo e cigarettes stand apart here from its competitors as it accomplishes its goal by nurturing their own e liquid in a safe controlled environment.

Based in Concord California, Apollo Future Technology has a food grade manufacturing laboratory at their Northern California headquarters. The team of manufacturers includes degree engineers and chemist to perfect the art of e liquid. Their all batches of juice are of grade quality and sourced from the United States. The PG/VG,60/40 ratio is ideal for e smoking and Apollo incorporates this ratio to give an authentic experience to its consumers. Apollo E Cigs was founded by Rick Zhu in 2010 in Concord California. The complete range of electronic cigarette includes disposable e cigarettes, vaporizers, eGO-VV battery and much more.

Future-Bright fortuity isn’t!

A large number of variants and substitutes have almost died but have failed to replicate the authentic smoking experience provided by electronic cigarettes. The emotional response rendered by electronic cigarettes step by step that smokers are addicted includes, holding their pack of favorite cigarettes, removing the cigarette, adjusting it into the lips and then inhaling. This procedure is well replicated by a traditional and electronic cigarette hence, a smoker relates to the product and maybe this is the groundbreaking truth of success of e cigarettes. The niche of smokeless product gave room to the success of e cigarettes. A major differentiator from other smokeless product is the pleasant aroma of e cigarettes. Tobacco Cigarettes was the response for alienation of the patrons but the e cigarettes have made it possible for the clientele to use it indoors. The future of e cigarette is surely not rocky.

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