This is for those who have no idea what e-cigarette cartridges are. E-cigarette cartridges are also known as e-cig cartomizers that come in small metal (or plastic) containers carrying nicotine solutions plus other ingredients and e-cig atomizers. Purchasing the right e-cig cartridges is very important for your vaping experience. There are tons of e-cig cartridges on the market today, and Atomic Dog Vapor’s e-Cig Cartridge 5-pk Refills are something that should be included on your list. Find out below why.

“Put out the fire! And save some serious money by switching. How much are you paying for a pack of smokes right now? Our flavorful refills come in menthol or tobacco and each one provides as many drags as a pack of 20 regular cigarettes. Those savings add up fast.”

While flavorless nicotine-infused cartridges are okay, flavors have become the heart of ecigarettes. The unique and extensive flavors e-cigarette cartridges can provide make them totally different and exciting from your classic tobacco cigarettes. Soon enough, you will find yourself enjoying and exploring the tasteful world of flavored cartridges.

Atomic Dog Vapor’s eCig Cartridge 5-pk Refills are something you should really try. The green cartridge color is in the taste of menthol. I personally love this as I am a menthol lover myself. Atomic Dog Vapor’s menthol cartridge has a strong mint hit with a refreshingly cool and crisp mouth-feel. I have to be honest but the first puff can be too intense, but once you get accustomed to the flavor, you will find yourself enjoying each puff. It has an icy cool flavor that lasts long. If you are used to smoking menthol cigarettes, then this is the best alternative for you.

Meanwhile, the brown cartridge has a tobacco flavor. Atomic Dog Vapor’s cartridge has one of the most accurate tobacco tastes I have ever tried. It has a decent representation of the tobacco taste, and each puff will surely take you down the memory lane. This has a brilliant stand-alone flavor too, and its flavorful aroma will only make you crave for more.

With Atomic Dog Vapor, you can choose your preferred nicotine strength or even have none at all. That’s right, you can definitely customize your vaping experience by purchasing the right amount of nicotine for you. For the eCig Cartridge 5-pk Refills, there are four nicotine strengths available – 0 mg, 6 mg, 12 mg, and 24 mg of nicotine.

The 0 mg basically has no nicotine content, just flavor. The 6 mg and 12 mg levels have ultra-light and light cigarette feels, respectively. Both are considered a lower nicotine level and suit occasional cigarette smokers. And lastly, the full strength 24 mg level caters to heavy smokers. Picking the right nicotine concentration level for you is very important. For newbies who have no idea, it is best to start at the lower level and work your way up if you find the first one unsatisfactory. Take your smoking habits into consideration as well. A lower strength may suit social or occasional smokers, while higher concentration is recommended for heavy smokers.

Atomic Dog Vapor eCigarette cartridges are free from propylene glycol. It contains only nicotine in normal, low, and zero levels. Other ingredients included are distilled water, USP grade glycerin, natural and artificial flavors, and citric acid.

A pack of five Atomic Dog Vapor eCig Cartridge refills only costs $12.99. That is basically just $2.59 per refill. The cartridges can actually supply about 250+ puffs, although this estimate actually still depends on the user. The 250+ puffs are equivalent to 1 pack of traditional cigarettes. If this is the case, then this is definitely worth every penny you spent. But if you got some more extra cash, why not grab a BONUS BUY! Purchase 14 cartridge refill 5-pks and Atomic Dog Vapor will send you 2 more. You’re right, 16 5-pks refills for the price of 14 only. This is not a joke, by the way. Visit now.

Overall, Atomic Dog Vapor eCig Cartridge 5-pk Refills give you the top value of your dollar. They are very easy to use and enjoy. What’s more, the flavors each cartridge produces are spot-on and delicious. Atomic Dog Vapor eCigarette cartridges are a combination of a cartridge and an atomizer in one unit. Since they are one unit and are replaceable, the flavors are fully optimized for the device. Such set-up relieves problems with atomizers and vapor consistency.




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