The e juice that you use can make or break the experience you have. Many people dont realize this until they take the first puff and start to cough because the taste is horrific. This often happens when you go with unproven flavors that are either cheap or not as consistent as you would like them to. The best solution to this problem is to make sure you look at the best e juice flavors to savor and go with them. Lets take a look at the best of the best and why people love them.

Mothers Milk

Lets begin the list with Mothers Milk. The taste can be described as having a bit of custard like after taste to it that is going to linger on your tongue. It is also easily one of the most rich options that are going right now.

You are not going to get a thicker e-juice than this one and that makes it even better because it brings out the taste even more.

This is one of those options that is right at the top of the market when it comes to demand.

Boston Cream Pie

Whenever you think of Boston, a lot of people dont even think about the city, but rather the cream pies that are associated with the name. Boston cream pies on their own are great, but what about them in an e juice flavor? Do they pack the punch that you are after or do they fall by the way side as so many others have done in the past?
No, this is a complete winner and the sweetness of a cream pie is hard to ignore. They hit all the right notes with this exotic flavor and you will certainly enjoy the after taste.

Strawberry Daiquiri

If you are into exotic flavors that are enjoyable, you will love this one. Even more so, for those who love a bit of strawberry in their e juice flavor. Strawberry Daiquiri has a unique sounding name and the flavor itself is different to anything that you might have tried before.

It starts off sweet and with a hint of strawberry, but in the end turns into something more hard hitting and less sweet. This is all while being as consistent as you would like for it to be when it comes to quality and overall smoothness.


Who doesnt like a bit of vanilla when it comes to their e-juice. In fact, when you look at some of the other flavors that are popular at the moment, you will realize they have a hint of vanilla in them because innovators realize the foundation of most e juices has to include vanilla in it to add a bit of sweetness.

Vanilla on its own is an evergreen flavor and has been around for a very long time ever since e-cigarettes were released into the open market.

It will not be going away any time soon and simply keeps getting richer and better as time goes on and more brands release their own variants.


Sometimes, just like the vanilla, you want to stick with flavors that are proven to work and what better option to go with than chocolate? It does not get better than this and almost every brand has their own version of chocolate and in some cases multiple versions and this is what makes it great.

When you have so many choices on the market, you know they are working hard to make their option the best.

It does not matter what brand you go with, chocolate is never going to die out and that alone ensures it makes this list.

Snake Oil

Ever been sold snake oil? Most people associate the term with negativity, but that might be a thing of the past after they give this flavor a go. It is unique and is quite hard hitting at the same time.
Snake Oil is fantastic and tastes like a unique combination of coconut and pears. You will start with a hint of pear, but by the end it will turn into this coconut after taste that is wonderful in the mouth.
Snake Oil is definitely one of these new and innovative flavors that has quite the fan base behind it.

This is a fruity mix that is loved because of how it sits on the tongue. You are going to be taken to space in essence when you give this one a shot. It has a mix of berries and fruit that come together to create quite the punch as soon as it hits your tongue.

The reason Astro is one of the best e juice flavors to savor has more to do with the quality of it. This is a consistent, high quality e juice that tastes great.

Unicorn Blood

Any fan of candy especially Skittles is going to love this option and might never go back to any other. This is one of those e juice flavors that are adored by one and all making you remember the good ol days when you were a kid.
Unicorn Blood is a fantastic e juice flavor and a must for any candy lover. It is sweet and fruity making it a winner immediately. The consistency and richness of the flavor is hard to match.

This is easily one of the better e juice flavors to savor on the market right now.

These are easily the best e juice flavors to savor on the market right now according to demand and overall popularity. Indeed, there are going to be many people who dont like these flavors and have their own favorites and that is the beauty of having such a wide open market of flavors. Everyone has their own preference of what they like and what they hate. Make sure you give these a shot before forming an opinion as they are the best for a reason and have continually earned positive reviews after being released onto the market.

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