Blu is a distinguished name, as its e cigs are more than just tobacco investment. There are plenty of merits including well-executed flavor profile, cartridges free of Propylene glycol, decent portable charging pack, good vapor performance and its USA nurtured smoke juice.

Blu Electronic Cigarette Review – Contents & Offerings

To inaugurate E-cigarettes, we should peculiarly examine what the Starter kit has to offer as even though most of these kits are pretty similar it is still important to surface its components deeply. In case of Blu Cigs you espy the absolute basics including five cartridges, a USB charger, manual, and a battery. The Premium 100 Starter Kit and Premium Starter Kit are equally good. The Premium Starter Kit merely offers two Premium 100.Batteries, a charging case (portable), USB charger, 5 stacks of cartridges and a wall adaptor. Whilst, the Premium Starter Kit renders everything that its toned version offers apart from Premium Batteries. Essentially this means that the Starter Kit contains everything you need to get started.

 “In Blu Cigs, you get the absolute basics”

Blu Electronic Cigarette Review – Aesthetics & Build Quality

However, even though the Starter kit is basic the same cannot be said about either the product or its design as both verily are of standard quality. It is pristine that they have spent plenty of time enforcing to produce something that should hero the market.

The design itself can be described as sleek and it works well with the black & blue; this undisputedly helps it to stand out. It is available in both black and white, although the black does look better and more futuristic; this sways you to select it. Blu Cigs comes in two pieces, which is a step towards market trends with assembly requiring simple screwing the battery and cartomizer together. As soon as you frame it together you will feel the quality of the product, as there is no movement and leakage from the cartridge.

Blu Electronic Cigarette Review – Flavors & Nicotine Content

“vapor you will find that it does start off very well indeed”

Next we need to unfold the different vapors and flavors that are accessible by this particular brand as the days of an e-cig just tasting like tobacco are long gone. Talking about the flavors you do have several to choose from although the fact that there are only seven in number does mean that they have less than most of the other swank brands in the market. However, the grooviest flavors are Cherry, Vanilla, Menthol, and the accustomed Tobacco.

With the vapor, you will explore that it does start off very well indeed, but as the battery starts to perish you will witness a major contretemps in how much vapor you produce. It is worth pointing out that this is not a limitation of Blu Cigs alone, as it does happen with every single brand out there, but it is a tad disappointing when you get a thick cloud at the activation and see it diminishing before your eyes. As with any e-cig brand, there are a number of different nicotine levels attainable and in this instance, you have four to choose from. This is one less than the industry average, but they do have most smokers yearn covered as these levels are no nicotine, 6-8mg for low smokers, 9-12mg for medium smokers, and 13-16mg for high smokers. The only people that will circumvent this brand are the ultra heavy smokers who require nicotine levels to be around 24 mg, but most people can patently exploit Blu Cigs to please their needs and progressively reduce their nicotine gusto.

Blu Electronic Cigarette Review – Tech & Battery Life

Blu Cigs have dedicated a lot of time to the technology in their products and this is unblemished with the way in which it has a couple of pretty unique features that are certainly a nice little addition to the e-cig. First, when you light up, the logo glows and there are three LED buttons on the side indicating power potency. This is a great reinforcement as you customarily have to judge the brightness by the tip and you can be less embittered as a smoker. Next, it has a blockbuster social feature and what happens with this is that the case vibrates when you are near a vendor, so if you are running short on cartridges it does at least tell you where you can buy them rather than stocking the cartridges. Again this is just a nice little addition even if you will not use it that often, but at least they are bashing to do something discrete.

Lastly, we need to contemplate the lifetime of the battery, as this is a very robust part of meditating when deducing for Blu Cigs. This brand tends to maneuver two different batteries called the Premium and the Premium 100. The brand divulges that the Premium battery will give you 100 puffs and the 100 Version will give you the delectation of 150 puffs. This is subservient than other brands that customarily provide a minimum of 200, which is the equivalent to a pack of 20, but Blu Cigs only take a few hours to recharge, so at least you have the convenience of being able to plug their e-cig into your computer in order to protract the  divertissement of smoke throughout the day.

Blu Cigs Review – The Sum Up

“Well tailored from its debonair design to its foxy flavors ”

Blu Cigs are very well tailored from its debonair design to its foxy flavors. If the battery was slightly ameliorated then you could have propagated that Blu Cigs is one of the premium brands of e-cigs. The rest of the product is very well ameliorated from its bold design to the lusty flavors so it is quite despondent that they have not worked out to get more life out of the morose battery. However, if you are beguiled with average smoking around 10 tobacco cigarettes per day, and then Blu Cigs electronic cigarette would serve your desideratum.


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