Review of the Top 5 Bubbler Bongs


Bubblers offer the portability of simple pipes with the filtration functionality of bongs. Using a bubbler, you can enjoy the same smooth smoking experience that you will get from a bong without having to deal with a bulky apparatus. Whether you are a heavy smoker or this is a one-in-a-while thing, you need a bubbler in your collection for those special occasions when you want to smoke on-the-go. You will find different types of water bongs for sale on the market today. Like normal smoking pipes, all bubblers have three main parts; the mouthpiece, bowl, and carb hole. In this review, we’ll look at five of the top bubbler bongs that you can find on the HaSmoke online shop.

Dinosaur Mini Glass Bubbler Bong

The cute bong, which measures only 6 inches tall, is shaped in the form of a dinosaur and has a 14mm thick joint. Interestingly, the mouth of the dinosaur serves as the mouthpiece of this bubbler. This bubbler is made of thick amber colored glass. It comes with a recycler oil rig and a nail. This is a percolator bubbler so rest assured you would get clean hits when smoking with it. This mini dinosaur bubbler is one of the unique small bubbler bongs that you will find on the market today. It does not only look good but also has excellent performance. You can get this bubbler for just $36 on HaSmoke.

McDonald’s Cup White Dab Oil Rig

This lovely bubbler bong was inspired by the iconic McDonald’s cup. If you are a fan of this restaurant or you want a bong that will not turn heads when you are smoking in public, this is a perfect choice. This McDonald’s cup measures 8 inches tall and has a 14mm thick joint. It has a very simple design and is made of high-quality, US-made glass. There is a coil dab rig with a glass nail connected to the top of the cup. There is also a straw-like mouthpiece jutting out of the cover. This bong costs just $21.99 on the HaSmoke online store.

Double Chamber Bubbler

This bubbler bong is a beauty. It measures 7 inches tall and is made of high-grade, thick borosilicate glass. It has a double chamber which filters your smoke twice and guarantees smoother hits. There is a spiral design on the percolator downstems. It also has bead accents which give this bubbler a unique appearance. The bong comes with a nice upright mouthpiece which has a double ring accent for easy handling. This is a superb bong bubbler. Evert aspect of its design is remarkable. The only con is that it is a little difficult to clean it. You can get this bong on the HaSmoke online shop for only $35.99.

Oil Recycler Bubbler With Diffuser Downstem

This is a portable bubbler that was designed for smoking oils and concentrates. It measures 4.8 inches tall has a 14mm joint. This bong comes with a built-in downstem diffuser and a recycler. It comes with a bent mouthpiece for ease of use. When you take a hit when smoking with this bubbler bong, the smoke travels through the diffuser and recycler where it undergoes filtration twice before reaching your mouth. This bong features a 10mm female dome and a glass nail. Although this bubbler comes with a lot of features, it is not bulky. You can get it on the HaSmoke store for only $21.99.

Duck Glass Bubbler Bong

The amber glass bong is an intricately designed piece. The makers of this bubbler went over-and-beyond to give it the true appearance of a goofy-looking sad duck, adding large wings and duck-foot. This bubbler measures seven inches tall and has a 14.4mm joint. It comes with a recycler oil rig and a nail. You can use this bong to smoke oil and concentrates. When using this bubbler, it is important to heat the nail from the top to avoid breakage as the glass expands. The mouthpiece of this bong is located on top of the head of the duck. It is pretty easy and convenient to smoke with this glass bong. You can get this duck-shaped glass bubbler bong on the HaSmoke site for just $46.99.

There are many other cheap bubblers and bongs for sale on the HaSmoke online shop.

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