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12 Monkeys E-Juice by 5150 Review


12 Monkeys by 5150 is the perfect banana e-liquid. This e-juice is based on the flavor of deep fried banana waffles. It is sweet and creamy with just the right amount of banana and pastry flavor. 12 Monkey is for vapers who love sweet breakfast blends. This is just the kind of e-liquid to accompany your morning coffee. 12 Monkeys has a well-balanced flavor. You can chain vape on this e-juice for a whole day without getting tired of the flavor or it getting overwhelming. If you love bananas, you need to order a bottle of this one. Don’t be surprised if this becomes your next all day vape.

You can get 12 Monkeys and other 5150 e-liquids from any top vape store. You can get a 30ml bottle of this e-juice on Premium Ejuice Samples for only $21.99 CAD ($17.46 USD).

12 Monkeys by 5150 has a delightful banana aroma. It does not come off as artificial or candied. Instead, it has the aroma of fresh bananas. When vaping this e-juice, you will get the taste of bananas and waffles on the inhale. On the exhale, the pastry flavor is more pronounced. This e-liquid tastes a bit like banana bread. Some vapers have also compared the taste of 12 Monkeys with that of banana pudding. It has a syrupy sweetness to it. It is also very creamy. If you have tried other banana e-liquids and you were not impressed, this may just be what you have been looking for.

If you buy a bottle of 12 Monkeys and the e-juice tastes muted, or the flavor is not as you expected, give it one or two weeks to steep. Steeping is essential to allow all the flavorings and other ingredients in the e-liquid to blend properly. This e-juice will have a brownish tinge after you leave it to steep.

12 Monkeys by 5150 has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. Although it is quite thick, it is suitable for vaping with either a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). If you are a flavor chaser, then you need not be told that you need to load this one on an RDA if you want to truly savor the taste. This e-juice is not a coil killer. You can vape 12 Monkeys for a long time before you will need to clean your coils. The vapor production of this 5150 e-liquid is excellent. You will get huge clouds of dense vapor from each hit. This e-juice is recommended for cloud chasers.

5150 produces 12 Monkeys with different nicotine concentration levels so you can enjoy this e-liquid whether you want a heavy dosage of nicotine or none at all. The e-juice is available with 0mg, 3mg, 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. 12 Monkeys does not have a strong throat hit. If you want to get a good throat hit, you may need to go for 6mg or 12mg of nicotine. You will not feel any harshness in your throat when vaping this e-juice even when you turn up the temperature.

12 Monkeys has a similar packaging design with other e-liquids from 5150. It comes in a clear glass bottle that comes with a black dropper cap. There is a black label on the bottle which features 5150’s gas mask logo as well as some basic information about the product. You can fill a tank or pour the e-juice on your coils without spilling it.

5150 is an e-liquid manufacturer based in San Diego, California. 5150 makes premium vape e-juice with top-shelf ingredients. The 5150 line was founded in 2013 by mixologist and chef Jy Colbran, who decided to bring his culinary skills to the world of e-liquids.This company does not only make breakfast vapes, but also dessert, fruity e-liquids and more. Apart from 12 Monkeys, the other e-liquids in the original 5150 line are Str8jacket, Anti-Venom, Psychosis, Cinnsanity, Nutz, RY 4.0, Skull Candy, Pandora’s Box, and Detox.

Premium Ejuice Samples is one of the top vaping stores in Canada. This store has a huge collection of premium e-liquids as well as vaping hardware and accessories. The store does not only have a wide variety of products but is also known for its fast shipping and great customer service.

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Kandypens Gravity Vape Pen Review


Gravity by Kandypens is arguably the best vape pen for concentrates released in 2016. This sleek and compact device brings together some of the best features of Kandypens’ Galaxy and Donut vape pen. Gravity also comes with an improved airflow system as well as variable temperature settings. This is a perfect device for beginners to vaping. It is easy to use, and you will not struggle to clean it. Let’s take a closer look at the Gravity and see what makes this award-winning vape pen special.


Kandypens’ Gravity is available in black color. It comes with a rubberized, sandblasted or polished finish. It is packed nicely in a travel box that also fits in the USB charger as well as a dab tool. The Gravity is very portable. It is shaped like a typical vape pen with a nice small mouthpiece.


The Gravity is an excellent vape pen. It comes with a single button which makes it very easy to control. The firing button is the same button that is used to turn the device on/off and regulate the temperature. You need to click the button five times in quick succession to put the device on/off or three times to change the temperature. This vape pen has a 10-second cut-off feature to avoid overheating and accidents.

The battery section and the atomizer are connected with a 510 threading. You will have no problems taking apart the different parts of the vape pen to clean it. It comes with alcohol wipes for cleaning it.

Battery Life

Gravity by Kandypens comes with a 650mAh battery. The battery capacity is not very powerful, but it lasts longer than most vape pens on the market. You can get up to 100 hits from the device before you need to recharge it. It takes about two hours for this vape pen to go from empty to fully charged. To charge the device, you need to unscrew the battery section and attach it to the USB charger. Kandypens has a lifetime warranty on its batteries.

Temperature Control

The variable temperature setting of the Gravity is one of the things that makes it stand out from other vape pens on the market. Most vape pens have only three temperature levels to choose from. However, Kandypens designed this device with four temperature settings. You can choose either 300, 350, 400, or 4300 degrees Fahrenheit. There is an LED light under the device that will flash a color to indicate the temperature setting that you have selected. Pink represents 300 degrees Fahrenheit, red represents 350 degrees Fahrenheit, green represents 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and blue represents 430 degrees Fahrenheit.

AirFlow Design

Like other vape pens from Kandypens, the airflow holes on the Gravity are located above the atomizer. This reduces the chances of clogging. Gravity comes with a carb hole on the mouthpiece to allow for smoother airflow. Some vapers had complained that the airflow of the Galaxy vape pen was too tight so Kandypens decided to add one more airflow hole. You can easily use your finger to block the carb hole if you want thicker clouds.


The Gravity vape pen comes with two atomizers. You can use either a ceramic disk atomizer or a quartz atomizer. The ceramic atomizer is the same one that came with the Galaxy pen. The ceramic dish is designed with SlowBurn technology, so you will get the best flavor when using this device. The dish does a good job of spreading out the heat properly so that the device does not get overheated. The quartz atomizer is similar to the one that came with the Donut vape pen. It features a quartz-lined bowl with dual titanium coils. The quartz atomizer is recommended for cloud chasers. Both the ceramic and quartz atomizers are made with deep bowls so you will not experience any leakage when vaping with this device. Thanks to the new low-temperature option and the wick-less design of the Gravity vape pen, you do not have to worry about harsh hits.


You can get Kandypens’ Gravity vape pen from most stores for only $129.99, but it is available at the Ejuice Pack store for just $99.99. This store does not only sell vaporizers for oils, herbs, and concentrates, but also devices for vaping e-liquids. EjuicePack even has a monthly e-juice subscription service.

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Wild Apple E-Juice by Air Factory Review


Wild Apple is the fourth e-juice flavor to be released in the Air Factory series. This e-liquid has the taste of a green apple taffy candy. It has a robust and accurate green apple flavor with a sweet and sour taste. Air Factory Wild Apple e-juice tastes very much like a green apple air heads candy. Some vapers have also compared the taste to that of a green apple jolly rancher hard candy. If you love green apples, you will enjoy this one. This e-juice is suitable for vaping all day long. It is neither too sweet nor too tart. If you have tried other vapes in the Air Factory line, then you know that just what to expect from this green apple e-juice.

You can get Wild Apple and other Air Factory e-liquids from any top vape store. A 100ml bottle of this e-juice is going for only $17 on Ejuice Deals.

Wild Apple by Air Factory has the aroma and taste of fresh green apples. You will pick up a slightly sour apple flavor with a touch of candy on the inhale. The sweetness of the e-juice and the full refreshing apple flavor comes through on the exhale. This e-liquid has just the right level of sweetness to satisfy your sweet tooth without overwhelming your taste buds. You will not get any nasty aftertaste in your mouth when vaping Wild Apple.

If you buy a bottle of this e-juice and it does not taste as it is supposed to, try steeping it for one or two weeks. Steeping will improve the taste of the e-liquid by allowing all the flavorings and other ingredients to mix well.

Like other e-liquids in the Air Factory line, Wild Apple has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. You will have no problems vaping this e-juice with either a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). Wild Apple does not blacken coils quickly. You can vape it for a few days before you will need to clean your coils.

The vapor production of Wild Apple is out of the ordinary. You will be surrounded by thick swirling waves of flavorful clouds after each puff. This e-liquid is perfect for cloud chasers.

Wild Apple by Air Factory comes with different nicotine levels. You can get this e-juice with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. The intensity of the throat hit that you will get from vaping Wild Apple depends on the nicotine level that you select. This e-liquid is made with high-grade nicotine so it will not burn or irritate your throat when you are vaping it. If 6mg of nicotine does not give you the kind of throat hit and nicotine buzz that you need, you can mix Wild Apple with another e-liquid that has higher nicotine levels.

Wild Apple has a sleek and eye-grabbing packaging design. It comes in a chubby gorilla unicorn bottle which has a beautiful green logo on it that features the iconic Air Factory balloon logo with black eyes. The label also contains some basic information about the product. You can easily fill a tank or pour the e-juice on coils directly from the bottle.

Wild Apple is one of six e-liquid flavors in the Air Factory series. The other e-liquids in the same line are Blue Razz, Mystery, and Strawberry Kiwi. The Air Factory line was created by Holdfast Vapors, which is based in California. This e-juice series is dedicated to taffy vapes. Each e-liquid in the line has a different flavor. Air Factory is currently one of the top-selling e-liquid brands. The brand is billed as having “the hottest 100mls on the market.” Apart from Air Factory, Holdfast Vapor also has the Treat Factory series, which is made up of e-liquids with dessert flavor. There are two e-liquid in the Treat Factory line namely Kookie Krunch and Jaw Breaker.

Ejuice Deals is the number one shop to get the best prices for premium e-juice brands. This shop has the latest e-liquids from all the top brands. This store not only sells e-liquids but also vaping accessories like coils. Ejuice Deals is dedicated to customer satisfaction. It is no surprise that the shop was voted the best online vape shop in 2017 by Vaping 360.

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Candy King Batch E-Liquid Review


Batch by Candy King was inspired by the flavor of sour patch kids candy. It has the same taste you would get if you put a bunch of fruity gummy candies into your mouth at once. Batch will tantalize your taste buds with its rich flavor and leave you wanting more. This Candy King e-juice has a delicious sweet and sour taste. If you love sour vapes, then you will savor this one. The tangy flavor of this e-liquid is not sharp, so you can chain vape it without numbing your taste buds. This is an all day vape.

You can buy Batch and other Candy King e-liquids from any top vape shop. A 100ml bottle of Swedish is going for just $34.99 on E-Juice Blowout. You can get many more exciting vape deals at this shop.

Batch by Candy King has a bold citrus flavor. On the inhale, you can pick out the taste of lemon, lime, orange, and cherries. On the exhale, the taste does not change much, but the sour notes come to the fore. You will be left with a sweet sugary aftertaste when vaping Batch. When vaping this e-juice, you will first get the mellow sour flavor before the sweet envelopes your taste buds. Although this e-liquid contains different fruit flavors, it has a subtle taste. Batch does not just taste like fruity gummy candies but smells like it too.

The e-liquids in the Candy King series do not always come pre-steeped. Therefore, if you buy a bottle of Batch and it has a weird taste, try steeping it for one or two weeks. Steeping ensures that the flavorings and other ingredients used to make the e-juice blend properly so you will get the full flavor when you vape it. Steeping works best for e-liquids that contain nicotine because it contributes to the oxidation of the flavors.

Batch by Candy King has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 70/30. It is suitable for vaping with either a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). If you want to enjoy the taste of this e-liquid to the fullest, you need to vape it with an RDA. The vapor production of Batch is amazing. The kind of clouds that you will get from this e-juice is suitable for an 80vg blend. If you have a thing for clouds, you will take delight in vaping it.

Candy King’s Batch comes with different nicotine strength levels. You can get this e-juice with either 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. You will barely get a throat hit from vaping the version of this e-liquid with 3mg of nicotine. You are better off going for 6mg of nicotine if you want a good throat hit. You could also mix Batch with another vape that has higher nicotine levels to improve the throat hit. All Candy King e-liquids are made of high-grade nicotine so you will not get any throat irritation from vaping Batch – even at high temps.

The packaging design of Batch will remind you of sour patch candy. It comes in a colorful box which has the usual branding details. The e-juice is packed in a chubby gorilla unicorn bottle which is fitted with a childproof cap. You will have no issues filling a tank or pouring the e-juice on your coils directly from the bottle.

Candy King is an e-liquid line created by California-based DripMore. The brand is dedicated to recreating the taste of classic candy flavors. Apart from Batch, the other e-juice blends in this series are Worms, Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum, Belts, Pink Squares, Lemon Drops, and Peachy Rings. All DripMore e-liquids are made with top-quality ingredients and undergo testing to ensure that they are up to standard.

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Review of the Top 5 Bubbler Bongs


Bubblers offer the portability of simple pipes with the filtration functionality of bongs. Using a bubbler, you can enjoy the same smooth smoking experience that you will get from a bong without having to deal with a bulky apparatus. Whether you are a heavy smoker or this is a one-in-a-while thing, you need a bubbler in your collection for those special occasions when you want to smoke on-the-go. You will find different types of water bongs for sale on the market today. Like normal smoking pipes, all bubblers have three main parts; the mouthpiece, bowl, and carb hole. In this review, we’ll look at five of the top bubbler bongs that you can find on the HaSmoke online shop.

Dinosaur Mini Glass Bubbler Bong

The cute bong, which measures only 6 inches tall, is shaped in the form of a dinosaur and has a 14mm thick joint. Interestingly, the mouth of the dinosaur serves as the mouthpiece of this bubbler. This bubbler is made of thick amber colored glass. It comes with a recycler oil rig and a nail. This is a percolator bubbler so rest assured you would get clean hits when smoking with it. This mini dinosaur bubbler is one of the unique small bubbler bongs that you will find on the market today. It does not only look good but also has excellent performance. You can get this bubbler for just $36 on HaSmoke.

McDonald’s Cup White Dab Oil Rig

This lovely bubbler bong was inspired by the iconic McDonald’s cup. If you are a fan of this restaurant or you want a bong that will not turn heads when you are smoking in public, this is a perfect choice. This McDonald’s cup measures 8 inches tall and has a 14mm thick joint. It has a very simple design and is made of high-quality, US-made glass. There is a coil dab rig with a glass nail connected to the top of the cup. There is also a straw-like mouthpiece jutting out of the cover. This bong costs just $21.99 on the HaSmoke online store.

Double Chamber Bubbler

This bubbler bong is a beauty. It measures 7 inches tall and is made of high-grade, thick borosilicate glass. It has a double chamber which filters your smoke twice and guarantees smoother hits. There is a spiral design on the percolator downstems. It also has bead accents which give this bubbler a unique appearance. The bong comes with a nice upright mouthpiece which has a double ring accent for easy handling. This is a superb bong bubbler. Evert aspect of its design is remarkable. The only con is that it is a little difficult to clean it. You can get this bong on the HaSmoke online shop for only $35.99.

Oil Recycler Bubbler With Diffuser Downstem

This is a portable bubbler that was designed for smoking oils and concentrates. It measures 4.8 inches tall has a 14mm joint. This bong comes with a built-in downstem diffuser and a recycler. It comes with a bent mouthpiece for ease of use. When you take a hit when smoking with this bubbler bong, the smoke travels through the diffuser and recycler where it undergoes filtration twice before reaching your mouth. This bong features a 10mm female dome and a glass nail. Although this bubbler comes with a lot of features, it is not bulky. You can get it on the HaSmoke store for only $21.99.

Duck Glass Bubbler Bong

The amber glass bong is an intricately designed piece. The makers of this bubbler went over-and-beyond to give it the true appearance of a goofy-looking sad duck, adding large wings and duck-foot. This bubbler measures seven inches tall and has a 14.4mm joint. It comes with a recycler oil rig and a nail. You can use this bong to smoke oil and concentrates. When using this bubbler, it is important to heat the nail from the top to avoid breakage as the glass expands. The mouthpiece of this bong is located on top of the head of the duck. It is pretty easy and convenient to smoke with this glass bong. You can get this duck-shaped glass bubbler bong on the HaSmoke site for just $46.99.

There are many other cheap bubblers and bongs for sale on the HaSmoke online shop.

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Berry Blow Doe E-Liquid by Humble Juice Review


Berry Blow Doe by Humble Juice is a bubblegum e-juice with raspberry and blueberry flavor. This e-liquid has a yummy flavor that will bring back some childhood memories. Berry Blow Doe has a spot-on bubblegum flavor. It has just the kind of sugary taste that you will get from a bubblegum. Also, the fruit flavors are not very bold, but they complement the bubblegum taste nicely. Every aspect of the e-juice shows that it is high quality. You can surely vape Berry Blow Doe all day and not get tired of how it tastes. If you are looking for the perfect bubblegum e-juice, try this one.

You can get Berry Blow Doe e-liquid from any well-stocked vape store. A 120ml bottle of this e-liquid is going for $24.99 on the Humble Juice store.

Berry Blow Doe by Humble Juice has a light and sweet taste. It tastes very much like Charms blue razz blow pop lollipop. It doesn’t have an overpowering candy flavor. Just like a blow pop, it tastes as though you have bubblegum in the middle of candy. The raspberry flavor is a little more noticeable than that of the blueberries in this mix. You can taste both fruit flavors on the inhale. The bubblegum flavor stands out on the exhale. Overall, this is a lovely e-liquid. It is one of those blends that you can quickly fall in love with.

Berry Blow Doe and other e-liquids from Humble Juice Co. are pre-steeped for about two weeks before they are shipped. Steeping is important to ensure the ingredients used to make the e-liquid mix well. When an e-juice has had the time to steep, you will get its true taste. Although this e-liquid comes pre-steeped, do not hesitate to steep it again if it doesn’t taste as it should.

Humble Juice’s Berry Blow Doe has a vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) ratio of 80/20. You will enjoy the taste of this e-liquid whether you choose to vape it using a sub ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). This e-liquid is not a coil killer. You can vape it for a long time before you will need to clean your coils. The vapor production of Berry Blow Doe is fantastic. You will get loads of thick clouds from each hit. This e-juice is ideal for when you want to perform cloud tricks.

Humble Juice Co. produces Berry Blow Doe with different nicotine concentration levels. You can get this e-juice with 0mg, 3mg or 6mg of nicotine. This e-liquid is made of NicSelect Nicotine so you will not get any weird sensation in your throat from vaping it. The intensity of the throat hit that you will get from Berry Blow Doe depends on the nicotine strength that you select. If you were a heavy smoker or you want a hard throat hit, then you need to go for 6mg of nicotine. You could also mix it with another e-liquid that has higher nicotine levels to improve the throat hit and nicotine buzz.

Berry Blow Doe comes with the same classic packaging design that is used for all the e-liquids in the Humble Juice Co. series. The e-liquid is packed in a clear glass gorilla unicorn bottle which has the Humble logo on its side. You will have no issues filling a tank or dripping e-juice on coils directly from the bottle. Overall, the packaging design of this e-liquid is simple and elegant.

Humble Juice is one of the most easily recognizable brands in the US vaping market. This company, which is based in Chatsworth, California, has quickly become a major brand in the market thanks to its collection of premium vape juice blends which are sold at affordable prices. All the e-liquids in Humble Juice’s collection are made of superior grade ingredients which are sourced from the US. Humble Juice has five different e-juice lines namely Humble Juice Co., SVLT Juice Co., Hustle Juice Co., Havana Juice Co., and Havoc Juice Co.

Berry Blow Doe is one of 10 e-liquid flavors in the Humble Juice Co. series. The other e-juice blends in the same line are Pee Wee Kiwi, Sweater Puppets, Donkey Kahn, Smash Mouth, Vape The Rainbow, American Dream, Hop Scotch, Humble Crumble, and Unicorn Treats.

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Crown Sub Ohm Tank Review – Top filling sub ohm tank by Uwell

8.5tech score

In this article we review the Crown sub ohm tank by a Chinese company called Uwell. Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co., Ltd were founded in 2015 and the Crown sub ohm tank, I think, is their first own made vaping creation, but they have more products in the pipeline.

The Crown sub ohm tank is one of only a two top filling sub ohm tanks on the market that I am aware of. It features a 4ml tank and comes with a good range of single and dual coils, which gives the tank a wattage range of 10-120W!

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Aspire Atlantis Mega Sub Ohm Review – The Atlantis 2’s Bigger Brother

7.6tech score

In this article we add another sub ohm tank review to our sub ohm tank series. We review the Aspire Atlantis Mega, the larger version of Aspire’s new Atlantis 2 sub ohm tank.

The coils in the Mega are the same 100% cotton coils used with the Atlantis 2. However the Mega comes with a 1ohm coil and a 0.3ohm coil as part of the kit, whereas the Atlantis 2 comes with the 0.5ohm and 0.3ohm coils as standard.

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Joyetech Delta 2 Sub Ohm Tank Review

6.6tech score

In this article we review the Joyetech Delta II sub ohm tank.

So we have just reviewed the Kanger Subtanks as well as the Aspire Atlantis, and now everyone seems to be raving about the Delta 2 sub ohm clearomizer! There are so many sub ohm tanks that it is becoming increasingly confusing for anyone looking to purchase one. There is also the Eleaf Melo, Smok VCT and the Arctic sub ohm tanks to think about (reviews coming soon!). So many sub ohm tanks, and so much confusion! In this review I will try and shed some light on how we have found the Delta II and what separates it from the other tanks. I’ll try and compare it to the Kanger Subtanks and Atlantis where possible.

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TurboXL AV Kit

download (3)
7.3tech score

This mod was not sent to me for review, to be frank I dont know why it was sent to me, I aint complaining.. I like getting new vapey stuff to try out and play with, I am going to review it never-the-less.

As a full disclosure I should point out that the vendor of this mod is an advertiser on vape-break and for that reason I shall refrain from using the word fuck in this review. Not once will the F-word make its nasty appearance in the entire review.

Yes this thing is slim (gosh darnit, I blew it already) if I didnt know any better I would not have guessed that it is not a tiny 14500 mod. The TurboXL AV is in fact a VV mod with a whole bunch of bells and whistles (without actual bells and whistles). The batteries it is using is in fact 2 stacked cr2 (3.7V) or.. as the label on them says ICR15270, you say “potato” I say “take the necessary precautions when stacking batteries so you dont end up blowing your face off.. Im already bored with all the unfunded speculations over a similar story”.

Safety first:

Theres large vent hole at the bottom of the mod to avoid explosions and some built in protection too, in the form of Reverse Current protection, Over Drain protection at 3amps and Overheating Protection. Those sound lovely and thankfully I have not had to experience any of them!

What does 3amp protection mean to you? Well it basically means that anything reading 1.5 ohms on the meter (LR atomizers and dual coil cartos) will not work past 4.5V for me this is not that restricting, I like a 1.5ohm atty at 4.2V, maybe 4.4V max depending on the juice.

Built Quality:

Without batteries loaded the TurboXL feels very light, a bit too heavy and the thin tube walls originally gave me some pause for concern. But it does not feel like a cheaply made device. I was pleasantly surprised to find the inside of the tube anodized as well. Its not perfect, theres some lips and edges where with just a couple of weeks of use the aluminium is starting to show through but considering the price and features its not bad at all!

The connector is a completely custom made 510, a bit raised like a modders connector and with the clearance it gets it can accommodate an ego style cartomizer or atomizer natively. When used in that fashion however I experienced a much stiffer draw. I never use an ego style atomizer anymore so I wont be using that in rating the mod. Its also available in a 808 fitting if thats what you prefer.

With the batteries inserted the weight is much more reassuring and much more even.

On the downside, and I dont know why this irks me so much.. I can still see the machined grooves in the tube area, they don’t look bad and could have very well been left there by choice but its mostly in the battery tube area and not the top bit that houses the electronics.. I would have like a slightly more uniform look.

Im shooting a duck for the machined finish, it rubs me in all the wrong places (and not in a good way) another duck goes flying out the window for the sharp lips returning to their silverish color. I am taking half a duck out of the freezer however for the inside of the tube being anodized, ive anodized stuff myself and know its insanely hard to do the inside of the tube.. and have seen quite a few mods that didnt bother doing them


[Not a valid template] Very click-y, metal and reactive, have not gotten a misfire out of it yet. Its a bit on the small side and has enough resistance to dig into the skin a bit, but I have not noticed anything like that in over 2 weeks of constant use so NO, not a problem.

Its a good button, albeit a touch on the smaller side.. could be better

Battery Life:

[Not a valid template] The kit comes with 4 unbranded ICR 15270s rated at 450mah 15270s are the same size as CR2s but run at 3.7V instead of the typical 3V. With the 450mah batteries and the built in Pulse Width Modulation (which I lack the equipment to show currently *sad face*) I was able to get 6hours out of a set of cells running at 4.5V on a 1.7ohm atomizer with heavy test vaping. Definitely surprising since I can usually only get about an hour per 100mah. Looking around I did find some higher rated batteries, round 600mah which by guesstimate alone would give roughly 8hours.

While the PWM is definitely a bonus the battery life means I would need 2 sets of fully charged batteries to last through a work day. They are tiny batteries and not a bother to carry, but thats for you to decide.

[easyreview cat1title=Battery Life cat1detail=Going a different way with this rating, Im starting at 3 ducks for the 6hour life and then taking one off for not getting better batteries, the blue Ultrafire 600mahs would make a difference and they are quite cheap, seen these for $4.19. The PWM does work to extend battery life considerably, so thats a bonus duck cat1rating=3]


For a small mod this packs pretty much everything you can expect from a VV, without a digital readout that was supplied separately in the kit!

There is a small juice catch, would fit a drop in case of a spill. Kind of there but not there situation.. I dont like that.

Changing the voltage is done with a little (provided) screwdriver that goes in the side of the mod, its in a good place for it but it does mean that you need to carry around a little screwdriver, I do not in anyway mind that, but if you are out and about and need to change your voltage then be aware that youll need to carry around the additional little volt meter and screwdriver.

The button is in a good spot, easy to find with either the thumb or the index finger and on top of that theres 4 holes where the leds shine through. Im not a fan of LEDs on mods.. I find them kind of distracting but the design on these is quite subtle. Id still rather they werent there but I dont mind them as much as some others. And I suppose since they have color choices it could be good for some people.

Its got all the bells and whistles you can look for in a mod, in the right places! It could be better but for the size its pretty good


Not a looker, not in my eyes. Its a simple tube design yet it doesnt rub me the right way to excite my senses.


Looks area is not rated, too subjective.

Value for Money:

At $84 for the barebone mod and $124 for the kit its very good value for money, what you get is basically a fully functioning Variable Voltage mod with many safety and other features. I suppose the Lavatube (or same but differently named device) is cheaper but the 3amp cutoff on the TurboXL is definitely worth the extra coin.

[easyreview cat1title=Value for Money cat1detail=Fully working VV under $100.. yeah bring it! cat1rating=4.5]


Theres a number of Variable Voltage devices to choose from and this one does not sacrifice functionality to fit into the the cheapest braket. It has some faults but nothing that really stands out as bad. I like it, and I think its priced right

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