Cigana Electronic Cigarette Review

Cigana is an e-cigarette that honestly looks like a real tobacco cigarette. If you fear attention, and it is necessary for you to look and feel like you are smoking a genuine tobacco cigarette, Cigana may be the best option.

Cigana’s most popular model has two components, the battery, and an atomized cartridge. This is similar to other 2 part electronic cigarette models where the atomizer is built into the cartridge, meaning better quality vapor is produced with every new cartridge, as the atomizer is replaced when you replace a cartridge and therefore it never experiences clogging.

Cigana’s basic starter kit, which comes with everything most e-cig starter kits include, can run at a steep $150.00, with no free shipping. Cigana includes other options, however, including a three part system with atomizers separate from the cartridges. The 3 part model is called Hybrid, runs at only $40.00 and is one of the lowest priced electronic cigarettes on the market.

Atomized Cartridges are around $13.00 for four, averaging slightly over $3.00 per cartridge. These are slightly more expensive than Cigana’s competitors. Each cartridge gives an estimated 12-15 cigarette, whereas some other brands of atomized cartridges claim that their cartridges can last up to 20 cigs.

The cartridges are available in 9 different flavors, with Cherry being the consumer favorite, and five different nicotine levels.

The batteries are reported by most users to have a long life, over six months, but they are not backed by any warranty other than the 30-day satisfaction guarantee typical of all e-cigarette companies.

Perfect for businesspeople and city folk, Cigana is a great electronic alternative for the smoker who still wants to look like a smoker.

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