Cigarti Electronic Cigarette Review

Cigarti is head and shoulders above the rest of the e-cig companies when it comes to personalization, with appearance options to suit every walk of life. If you simply must have an electronic cigarette that looks like a radioactive leopard, Cigarti is the only company for you. With over 100 different “cig skins” to choose from and eight colorful flavored atomized cartridges to match, I felt like a mid-life crisis in an exotic auto showroom, completely over stimulated by the number of options.

And if you STILL can’t find what you are looking for, even after rifling through the hundreds of different options, you can send in your picture or pattern and have your cigarette completely customized in a “one and only” design to fit you specifically.

Cigarti is the Ferrari of the electronic cigarette. It is more expensive than the run of the mill, the gas mileage is probably terrible, but it handles the road beautifully, and man does you look awesome in the driver’s seat.

The mini cigarette starter kit is $60.00, and its contents are sparse: one battery, one cartridge, one charger, and a carrying case. Mini cigarette starter kits are non-customizable as well, which to me is the coolest facet of Cigarti products. The regular starter kit comes at $122.00, for the typical two batteries, five cartridges, and USB charger with wall adapter, and customization costs an additional $20.00, bringing the total to $142.00 for the complete Cigarti experience.

Cigarti e-cigs feature the popular two-component trend with a disposable atomized cartridge delivery system, meaning the vapor level will be high and voluminous with every new cartridge. Each cartridge holds 330 puffs, equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes, and is available in packs of five for nearly $14.00. The nicotine ranges from 0mg-11mg, which is relatively low nicotine level compared to other brands, but not a problem if you typically smoke “lights.”

If you still don’t feel snobby enough, Cigarti also gives their customers an exclusive membership card. That means when you are vaping your Cigarti in an establishment and some plebian waitress tells you smoking is not allowed, you don’t even need to explain yourself. All you have to do is simply flash your membership card and tell the commoner to bring it to her manager, as it describes in great detail that the use of your Cigarti is completely legal for use in any setting.

In conclusion, if I were a 57-year-old divorcee with a martini in one hand and millions of dollars in alimony in the other or a Real Housewife of Atlanta, I would smoke nothing less than a Cigarti electric cigarette (in radioactive leopard print, no doubt).

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