Do Regular Cigarettes Taste Awful After Vaping?

Do Regular Cigarettes Taste Awful After Vaping

Many people who try electronic cigarettes do so because they’re looking for an alternative to regular smokes. Perhaps you’ve been a smoker for many years and wanted to quit but feel like you’re unable.

Nicotine is a very powerful drug that’s highly addictive. For instance, it’s commonly believed that quitting cigarettes (…or nicotine more specifically) can be as difficult as quitting heroin. It’s hard to believe that something so common could be so addictive but it is.

For those unable to kick the habit, electronic cigarettes offer an alternative that’s not quite so damaging. E-cigs do not contain many of the harmful chemicals and components found in traditional cigarettes…they only contain nicotine, which is ultimately the substance we crave.

When a smoker makes the switch to vaping and electronic cigarettes, many are unsure of whether the digital devices will work in helping them kick their former smoking habits.

While results are mixed, many vapers do officially become former smokers.

One of the main reasons why is the fact that many vapers claim regular cigarettes have a foul taste once they’re used e-cigs for a while…the effects are also more pronounced with one vaper arguing that smoking a cigarette made him feel light headed and dizzy.

Another thing too is the smell – after quitting, many ex-smokers say cigarettes feel awful to them. Electronic cigarettes do not produce this putrid odor so once you use them for a while instead of traditional smokes, it’s easy to detect the smell of a regular cigarette.

It’s well known that quitting smoking helps you dramatically improve your sense of smell and taste buds. So when you puff on a cigarette after not doing so for a while, it’s easy to see how a regular cigarette will taste and smell pretty bad.

Many vapers are writing on electronic cigarette forums back up this claim. Unsure of how electronic cigarettes will work, many keep a pack of their favorite smokes around just in case. But once they’ve used an electronic cigarette for a while, their sense of smell and taste return. When trying to puff on a regular cigarette, they begin to realize how distasteful they are.

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