Eliminating Nasty Tobacco Odor with Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes

Eliminating Nasty Tobacco Odor with Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes

Smoke anywhere electronic cigarettes from Modern Vapor do not give off pungent odors friends and family find offensive.

One of the trademarks of traditional cigarettes is the smell. It gets in your clothes, hair, car…anywhere you smoke will be touched by this unmistakable odor.

Friends, family, and people, you encounter likely find these odors offensive and avoid close contact. Even your love life can be affected by the presence of this ominous odor. And with the increased awareness of smoking’s health effects, people may even try and intentionally avoid you.

Smokeless electronic cigarettes go a long way toward resolving this problem. The only emitting vapor that’s gone almost instantly, smokeless e-cigs allow you to enjoy smoking without the pungent odors others find offensive (and you will too once you’re not smoking regular cigarettes!)

Continue reading to learn more about why regular cigarettes smell so bad and how smokeless electronic cigarettes resolve this problem.

Why do my cigarettes smell so bad?

It’s true – no one can feel a smoker like an ex-smoker.

When you’re a smoker, you hardly notice the repugnant smell of cigarettes because you’re immersed in it all the time…you’re So used to it, you don’t notice it. But cigarette smoke is noticeable to anyone who’s quit smoking or even went without a cigarette for more than a few hours.

And if it’s in an enclosed area or high enough, anyone can smell it.

Regular cigarette smoke is not only burning tobacco but tar and other chemicals. These odors contain properties that attach themselves to clothing, skin, hair, furniture, walls – basically just about anything it touches. And it pretty much stays there until you quit or you fumigate the space you were smoking in.

How come electronic cigarettes do not smell?

Modern Vapor Smokeless electronic cigarettes don’t yield that noticeable smell because it’s a vapor that’s emitted, not smoke. You see, e-cigs contain the nicotine-infused liquid that’s heated to a vapor you inhale.

That’s why we call it vaping!

E-cigarette’s harmless vapor begins evaporating as soon as you exhale…it will happen right before your eyes. And since there’s virtually no odor, people will never know you’re a smoker – or “vaper” if you prefer.

Once friends and family understand smokeless electronic cigarettes do not contain the signature, offensive odor, they will perhaps be more lenient on where you can smoke.

Spouses won’t mind if you “vape” in the car and might even be okay with you doing it in the house.

E-cigarette smokers verify the fact their devices do not emit an odor. Some people have received comments from non-smokers inquiring about a smell from some e-cigarettes…some thought they were smelling cotton candy while others thought pop tarts…odors that are no doubt much more pleasant than traditional cigarettes and cigars.

So if you’re tired of your body, hair, clothes, house and car smelling like an ashtray all the time, consider smokeless electronic cigarettes. Modern Vapor has e-cig starter kits available that can get you started on eliminating those pungent odors in no time.

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