EverSmoke has rendered a futuristic look to its E-Cigs. They have not imprinted cigarette like appearance but Smokers will surely not be put off by its sci-fi appearance as they get accustomed to its excellence. The smoke volume is great as both Automatic and Manual batteries options are available. The flavors and nicotine levels are impressive but the highlight is the signature crystal tip that steals the show. They have produced the best of the best e cigs and there is surprisingly very little to criticize about.

Eversmoke E-Cigarette Review – Contents & Offerings

“Basic starter kit has one, whereas premium kit has two batteries”

The basic Starter Kit has one, whereas Premium Starter Kit has two batteries adept with it. Starter kits of electronic cigarette are accessible in two forms, Basic and Premium. Starter kit includes USB and a wall charger, five cartridges and a battery. Basic kit has one, whereas Premium kit has two batteries. Prices of basic kits are smart owing to its superlative attributes. If you are a naïve in e cigarette sphere, endeavor Basic Starter Kit of EverSmoke that will surely erupt ripping pleasure.

Eversmoke Review – Aesthetics & Build Quality

No fake cigarettes facades are guised as they are very well designed to prevent leakage. EverSmoke believes in enticing the customers through quality product with hi-tech appearance and no shams.  This means, you can smoke best with better camouflage. Outlook of box is simply enthralling with its magnetically active box. You will be strongly galvanized with the first look. The inside of Starter Kit has separate portions for every component to skip overlapping. can smoke best with better camouflage. Outlook of box is simply enthralling with its magnetically active box. You will be strongly galvanized with the first look. The inside of Starter Kit has separate portions for every component to skip overlapping. E cigarette of EverSmoke comes in 2 piece styles; battery and atomizer that when screw together make an overwhelming device. Once the e-cigarette is setup you can smolder as long as the battery is charged. Cartridge has a special arrangement of silicon tip at the top to prevent any leakage of the e-liquid. This is an enthralling feature of these e-cigarettes that transform the entire smoking experience to much more groomed and agile. Not only this, but another salient feature is that, they have made two slots on the sides of e cig to allow air to pass through. E cigarette design is entirely different from all the other prominent brands making it more prevalent and rampant when it comes to prevent e liquid leakage.

Eversmoke E-Cigarette Review – Flavors & Nicotine Content


More familiar flavors will give you more gratification and uplift

EverSmoke e-cigarette has 10 variants in flavor that are remarkably excellent. People have their own highs and they can pleasure themselves by refilling different flavors each time. The flavor profile is surely a mixed bag .The reviving flavors are ten in number including the gems of Tobacco Classic, Royal and Golden, stimulating Peppermint, exquisite Peach, uncanny Pina Colada, emotive Coffee, tenuous Vanilla, revivify Menthol and honeyed Cherry. EverSmoke offers moderate flavors to their customers to enliven the rouse. The flavor profile is not the best in the industry but its cartridges have clinched some extra points.

Nicotine strengths of EverSmoke e-cigarettes are homogeneous to other significant cigarette brands. The nicotine strengths are present in 5 different ranges ranging from 0 mg, the 6 mg, the light 12 mg, the full 18 mg, and the ultimate 24 mg. The nicotine levels are dignified and I have nothing to grumble about. E cig users can indulge in the provoked throat hit that they enjoy through tobacco smoking. The experts believe that vapor produced by Eversmoke is electrifying. The opaque fog gives the right hit. I believe that Eversmoke has surpassed competitive brands by enabling ample vapor production and great smoke volume.


Eversmoke Review – Tech & Battery Life

The battery is a key factor smokers consider when they purchase their cigarettes. EverSmoke Batteries are available in three different sizes, and the bigger sized is superior to others in operating voltage and capacity. You have a choice to make from the Manual and Automatic Operated Battery. Manual batteries drain 20% faster and this is a sure criterion while picking your kit. The vapor production through Manual Battery will be good but it will drain faster.

The Standard battery is great for 250 puffs in accordance to the smoking literature that is parallel to 15-16 cigarettes. But it’s been observed that Manual batteries drain 20% faster than Automatic batteries. The battery charged fully can produce up to 200 to 250 puffs. Some high capacity batteries can even produce up to 350 puffs that is a great outcome. Apparently, three hours are enough to charge the battery of EverSmoke E cigarette. Users will enjoy quality vapors after charging the batteries full as charging is relatively quick and easier than other savvier brands.

Eversmoke Review – The Sum Up

“Impressive vapors of EverSmoke are similar to a traditional cigarette”

The impressive vapors of EverSmoke are similar to a traditional cigarette. EverSmoke is a superlative brand beating other brands in terms of quality and battery life. The very enough flavors to revive the enjoyment and pleasure, considerable nicotine strengths for deep smokers and classy appearance make EverSmoke one of the best cigarette brands. The 24 mg nicotine strength is a best hit for deep smokers that make it whooping popular. Anyone who is exhausted with his/her bad smoking habits can switch to EverSmoke e cigarettes. Fervent flavors and messianic nicotine strengths will give you super boosting smoking experience. EverSmoke is tested and assembled in US which are a good selling point as it generates confidence. Its quality is peculiarly undeniable. EverSmoke’s lifetime warranty and refund schemes are sure lures for the smokers. Overall, apart from its few gripes I loved this product.

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