Getting the Desired Effect from Your E-Cigarette – Proper Inhaling

Getting the Desired Effect from Your E-Cigarette – Proper Inhaling

One of the most common complaints we hear from new e-cigarette users is that they feel the vaping device isn’t measuring up to their expectations…they use the device much like they used traditional cigarettes but in the end, they feel like they’re not getting the satisfaction they believed they should be getting.

After making the investment in time and money to switch to e-cigarettes, it can certainly be frustrating to say the least.

Much of this frustration can be attributed to one thing about 98% of the time – inhaling technique.

Many novice e-cigarette users who are switching from traditional cigarettes find themselves in this situation. With regular cigarettes, you take short, quick puffs to inhale the smoke. If you apply a similar methodology to e-cigarettes though, you will not get the desired effect.

E-cigarettes require you to take long, slow drags to get the desired effect

While the owner’s manual of your Modern Vapor Sidesho, Lux or 902 model will have some information on the proper way to inhale (…along with scattered information online), many of our customers and fellow vapers simply don’t have clear understanding of how they’re supposed to use their e-cigarette.

So to help our fellow vapers get more from their e-cigarette devices, here are suggestions we found on an e-cigarette forum post that can help you.

  • If you have a manual e-cigarette, press the button for 1-2 seconds before you start inhaling.
  • Keep the button down as you start drawing on your e-cigarette…slowly inhale for a minimum of 5 seconds.
  • Hold the vapor in your lungs for a few seconds before exhaling.
  • If you have an automatic model, take a “primer puff” then follow the same slow, 5-second drag method described above.

Of course a longer drag will certainly yield more vapor going into your lungs so if you’re searching for a fuller effect, simply continue a slower drag for longer. However, we’ve found that 5 seconds is typically the average length of time a drag needs to be in order to have the desired effect.

On average, a maximum of 7 puffs like this should provide an average smoker the full effect although many of our veteran users say 3-5 slow, long puffs is enough.

And unlike a traditional cigarette, you will not use the entire nicotine supply in a cartridge all at once but rather over the course of several times you actually pick up the device and use it. How much nicotine you use during each time you use your device depends a lot on (1) how many puffs you take and (2) the nicotine content of the cartridge.

For example, an 11 milligram cartridge will only use around 0.27-0.35 mg of nicotine per every 5-7 puffs. A 24 mg cartridge on the other hand though will consume somewhere in the neighborhood of 0.61-0.85 mg per 5-7 puffs.

In the end, if you feel dissatisfied with your e-cigarette, don’t give up. It could be that you’re trying to use the e-cigarette like you used your former “smokes.”

Try and take slow, longer drags before giving up on e-cigarettes.

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