How to be a Good E-Cigarette Ambassador

How to be a Good E-Cigarette Ambassador

It’s true, some vapers only vape indoors at home, where they are never seen, but a growing number of e-cigarette users can be seen out on the town these days, vaping away on their favorite e-juice flavors. If you are one of these public vapers, then face it: you are an e-cigarette ambassador.

Vaping culture is at a crucial point in its growth right now. Few non-vapers know much about electronic cigarettes and the ones who do confuse vapor with smoke more often than not. When you choose to vape in public, then, you open yourself up to scrutiny and criticism. If you’re looking to help the cause and educate the public as e-smoking becomes more mainstream, there are a few things you can do.

Educate people on e-cigarettes, and do it respectfully

If you’ve vaped for any amount of time, the concepts behind e-cigarettes probably seem pretty simple to you. For the uninitiated, though, the idea that what looks like smoke is a vaporized liquid isn’t exactly intuitive. You may need to explain.

When this happens, be careful not to talk down to the person you are speaking with. When we are enthusiastic about something, it’s easy to get into that “know-it-all” mode, but you want to avoid coming across as condescending.

Secondly, make sure to simplify your explanation. If the person you are addressing is not currently a smoker, then they are not a prospective vaper, so there’s no need to go into the intricacies of atomizers versus cartomizers. Just explain that one end of your e-cig holds nicotine liquid and a heating element, and the other end holds the battery that powers the heating element.

You can also explain that the ingredients used to create liquid nicotine are approved for ingestion by the FDA, and commonly found in things like asthma inhalers and fog machines.

Don’t use electronic cigarettes where they are not welcome

Yes, e-cigs give you the freedom to vape in many places where you cannot smoke, and this is certainly one of the many positive aspects of these devices, but realize that people may still prefer not to breathe in vapor, and that’s their choice.

When you go into an establishment without posted signs regarding whether vaping is welcome, ask, and be ready to respect the business’s policies if the answer is no. You may explain the differences between e-cig vapor and cigarette smoke and request that the establishment reconsiders their plan but do so politely.

Smokers got the worse reputation than even necessary for years because of rude types who would blow smoke in other people’s faces or throw cigarette butts onto the ground. Vaping is still in its early stages, and we have an opportunity to shape the public view of this particular culture. We can do that by being seen as polite, respectful, active ambassadors for electronic cigarettes.

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