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Have you ever thought what the American dream would taste like? Humble Juice Company’s answer to that question is a fruity pebble cereal treat. “This vape juice flavor that will tempt you to leave a 5-star review on our website and keep you coming back for more.”

Without further ado, let us take on the challenge and see how many stars American Dream vape liquid by Humble Juice Co. really deserves. Read my full review below.

Upon opening the bottle, the smell of my favorite rice krispy treats made from fruity pebbles floats in the air. I am not being biased, but the aroma is really good. The smell alone makes me excited about the taste.

American Dream vape juice is a combination of fruity pebbles and rice crispy treats. Vaping it was an adventure. On the inhale, you will get the sweetness from the fruity flavors with the citrus. The cereal flavor is noticeable on the exhale. I admit this vape juice is a bit on the sweet side. You can taste some sweetness lingering on the roof of your mouth after each puff. However, the sweetness is not overwhelming on the throat at all. This is a perfect vape for those who have a sweet tooth.

By the way, if you vape this e-juice and the flavors are not very noticeable, steeping it for at least two weeks will do the trick.

Some reviewers have said that American Dream has a harsh throat hit. But I am not really getting that. I even went for the highest nicotine level available – 6 mg of nicotine. I fired it using the eLeaf iJust 2 with a 0.3-ohm resistance coil. It runs nice and smooth on the throat. I did not feel any burning sensation or experience any fits of coughing.

Humble Juice’s American Dream is every cloud chaser’s fantasy. It will give you immense clouds of vapor. The clouds are huge and dense, and do not disappear right away. In fact, it fills the room with fruity pebble magic-scented clouds in no time. This vape juice is a blend of 80% vegetable glycerin and 20% propylene glycol. The other ingredients include natural and artificial flavorings and USP NicSelect Nicotine.

Apart from the version with 6mg of nicotine, American Dream is also available with 0mg and 3mg of nicotine. The 0 mg version suits vapers who have no nicotine cravings. It is also ideal for those who just want to get the feel of vaping. The 3 mg level has a lighter nicotine kick than the 6 mg level. However, the flavor is still full and spot-on.

For newbies who do not have any preferred nicotine level, it is best if you start on the lower level first. Then you can find your way up until you find the perfect nicotine level for you. Selecting the right amount of nicotine that you can handle is very important. Nicotine level can make or break your vaping experience.

Humble Juice Company is well-known for its affordable prices. A 120mL bottle of American Dream only costs $24.99. Are you ready for the big reveal? Buy one of your favorite Humble flavors and get the second one free. As unbelievable as it sounds, this Humble BOGO E-Juice deal is very legit.

Humble Juice Co. aims to deliver high-quality vape juices at prices that are friendly to the pocket. “No flashy marketing. No hidden corner-cutting. Just the purest, vaping experience on the market at a price everyone can appreciate.”

Humble Juice currently has ten original flavors in this line. And all are based on your favorite varieties — fruits, desserts, or custards — just name it, and Humble Juice has it. There are many flavors that you might come to love like Pee Wee Kiwi, Unicorn Treats, Vape The Rainbow, Sweater Puppets, Donkey Khan, Berry Blow Doe, Smash Mouth, Hop Scotch, and Humble Crumble.

Apart from the Humble Juice line, this company has six other e-juice series. There is the Humble Ice Juice Co., SVLT Juice Co., Hustle Juice Co., Havana Juice Co., and Havoc Juice Co. With so many flavors to choose from, you will be spoilt for choices. Visit and grab a bottle of your favorite e-liquid. Happy vaping!

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