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Love to Hate: The eGo Vision Cartomizer

Well, welcome to a new type of post, one that I came up with on the toilet; I do my best thinking there (I sense I might have just turned some people away) ANYWAY. Let me explain, every now and then I hear great things from a whole lot of people about a fantastic product, usually its a new flashy product.. that I go on to try and hate. This type of posts are going to be my little area for those little products.. usually in the form of a colorful rant (my shrink says I should express myself more). And while Im on the topic.. FUCK MY SHRINK too.. cunt (see Doc, Im expressing!)

Frequent use of the word FUCK is only the beginning

Ok so the eGo Vision Cartomizer, or the Stardust.. or the L.L. Leakless.. or the CE4 clearomizer! Vendors: will you please stop re-branding shit? You can call it the Hypermizer-Supreme-Vapormaster-9000-with-Optional-Cock-Sucking-Action and it wont make it anything more than the “CE4” the manufacturer calls them. This has nothing to do with the product itself; but I felt I needed to say it.

With so many raving reviews (and two bad ones) on the CE4s I decided that it might just be the best thing since crotchless panties and I should give them a go. Ive been looking for a filler-less carto that actually works anyway.

Let me say here, I can figure out how to use them without instructions, its not rocket surgery. If you were looking for instructions on how to open and fill them, fuck off – this page isnt for you.

[Not a valid template] The ones I got were the LR variety, 2.1-2.4ohms, not necessarily as low as I wanted them but Im fine with it afterall they are styled for eGos who follow the same LR ranges for their own atomizers/cartomizers. I say styled for eGos cause the little eGo skirt is unthreaded, making it as useless as a eunuch at an orgy; just there for the looks.

I tried the pretty clear one first, it wasnt good I tried to make it work and it refused.. it went into the bin. My pretty red one was on the 2.5ohm side so I tried it at 4.5V it was like vaping week old jog-straps and have I mentioned that Im a lazy dillhole so lifting my arm THAT much to get them wicking feels weird? Anything that involves that much arm motion and doesnt involve a “happy ending” is too much effort. In the 3.7 – 4.2V range the burning taste was gone.. I was momentarily happy.

After using them for a few days, Im not a complete hater on these, I like the way they look and the custom drip-tip is quite comfortable.. and they can be rebuilt! Except they soon wont be will they? From batch 1 that people were rebuilding to my batch 2 (aka C4 Plus) they are so tightly fitted that breaking them is now a big concern.. somewhere around batch 20 (C4 plus plus plus plus.. and a few more pluses?) theyll be coming in with padlocks just in case someone can still do it. But hey! Its a carto.. youre supposed to use em for a week or two and then throw them out; even its in the price-range of an atomizer!

[Not a valid template] Biggest plus is the leaking, they just refuse to the little buggers, I tried my best and didnt manage to make them leak did hit a homeless person in the eye after one flew out of my hand due to vigorous shaking; but thats a different story. The vapor production is very good, no faults there either and the throat hit.. also pretty decent.. What has me clawing up the wall is flavor, or lack of. I like flavor.. thats why I spend my hard earned money on good juice. Whats the point in spending on good juice if you cant get the flavor? Its not the fucking bottle cause Ive seen a lot of bottles and none of them were sexy enough for the price. So unless theyre made out of unicorn foreskin the coin Im spending is for the contents; and with this clearomizer vision leakless stardust thingie.. I am not getting my monies worth.

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