Premium e cigarettes produced by Premium Vapes are supercilious products. Not only the brand name, but the quality of vapors is premium. Undoubtedly, e-cigarettes cannot be purchased by just reviewing the name, but Premium Vapes is a generic brand that offers little more than other deluxe brands. The cartomizer skins are very unique and the abundant thick vapors will surely leave you awestruck. The battery design is very cool with a robust and strong flavor palate. The evidences that make it a very viable choice are its five nicotine levels, 20 flavor options and great vapor production all at an affordable price.

Premium e cigarette review mentioned below will, help you understand more about these cigarettes.

 Premium E Cigarette Reviews – Contents & Offerings

“Standard quality kit at affordable price”

Premium E Cigarette is a very commercial product as it has incorporated almost entire elements a smoker desires for. Their Starter Kit has two batteries, wall adapter, USB charger and five cartomizers. It is a landmark product with its ample flavor alternatives, robust customization and strong built up. It has a Standard Quality Kit offered at an affordable price. With Premium e cigarettes you get Starter kit with USB charger as well as a wall charger. The Kit also includes five flavored cartridges and a battery. E Cigs are very catching and every inch screams confidence and oozes quality.

Premium E Cigarette Reviews – Aesthetics & Build Quality

Premium E-CIGARETTES not only look great in their traditional cig style, but the package is also professional. You will find black and silver box appearance that makes its impression more professional. The box of e cigs is simply amazing to preserve the cigarettes from any damage as well as to give it a unique sexy look. E -cigarette of the brand comes in 2-piece system. One is to charge the cigarette its soul; the battery. The other part is a combination of atomizer and cartridges. You can refill cartridge as many times with different flavors of your choice. Cigarette starts producing the vapors when you connect the two parts and start inhaling e liquid. Premium E-CIGARETTES is different in its designing as it provides a four gap style that produces the same sound as you smoke tobacco. The innovation in its design makes it overweening and resembles the traditional smoking experience. Premium e cigarette reviews will introduce you with all the 16 colors of e cigarettes. The brand offers a huge range of colors for smokers who do not like to smoke with single color cigarette forever.

Premium E Cigarette Reviews – Nicotine & Flavors

You would love the choice between the five nicotine levels including 0 mg, 6 mg, 11 mg, 16 mg and 24 mg. Chain and heavy smokers can replicate their smoking experience without any malignant interactions of harmful addictive chemicals. You get very robust nicotine stimulation without overworking the ideal battery. On realistic grounds, 16 mg cartridges are great for all smokers. You get a good throat hit emulate the tobacco cigarette as the vapor amount is great. Apparently, without the bad tar and off putting smells you can still have a genuine smoking experience. The flavor genus is extensive as it includes 20 massive options to choose from. The signature flavors of Tobacco, Coffee, Chocolate, Pear, Clove Vanilla, Cola and Pineapple are very over whelming.

Premium E Cigarette Reviews – Tech & Battery Life

Battery is another major concern for smokers when it comes to smoking e-cigarettes. Life span that can give 200 to 300 puff is the core requirement of majority e-cigarette users. If a battery does not produce that much puffs without recharging is useless. Premium E-cigarette batteries are great in their life span. You can enjoy up to 250 puffs with a standard battery. The LED light at the end flashes when you need to recharge your e cigarettes. Average time to charge battery is few hours and you can reuse it to inhale the vapors.

Premium E Cigarette Reviews – The Sum Up

“16 mg nicotine strength is considered as more than suitable by most of the smokers”

Premium E Cigs have firmly incorporated the benefits of unique battery design, robust high hitting flavors, abundant vapor production and splendid cartomizer skins to make their product a star.

Premium e-cigarettes may not meet your fancy style cigarette needs that you might see in other brands in the market. But, this e-cigarette is simply vain in terms of nicotine strength to hit your throat.  Enriched flavors give you a new bold experience each time you refill your cartridge with different flavor. The 16 mg nicotine strength is more than enough for normal smokers. Price is comparatively cheap, but the quality is boastful. High quality is offered by Premium Vapes cigarettes at affordable range compared to other top dictatorial brands. For naïve smokers it is one of the best options to start and make their throat addict of vapors instead of tobacco.

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