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Bulli A2 vs Bulli A2TM.. FIGHT!


Somewhat overdue the comparison amongst the Bulli A2 and the Bulli A2TM. The usual disclaimer applies, these were bought and paid for, and what you are reading is my own very unbiased yet opinionated views of them.

In truth, the A2TM upgrade was not bought from the manufacturer and vendor but picked up, for a song, from an ECF classified ad (not a very long song either). Goes without saying, but Im saying it anyway, that I only have one of these, so any side-by-side was actually photoshopped.

Due to the length of this opinionated review Ive split it into parts.

  •  Introduction and the Bulli A2
  • The Bulli A2-TM and comparison to the A2 ← You are Here!
  • Modding the Bulli for max Oral Pleasure (not to worry, im not going to gold plate it) – Coming Shortly
  • Watching monkeys dance on youtube.. erm, ok I might have been thinking of something else here

Non-zombie involving Intro:

The A2 MegaTank upgrade is exactly as it sounds, a conversion of the Bulli A2 rebuiltable atomizer into a larger tank system atomizer. This is achieved by addition of a needle plate over the coil module and the replacement of the type A looking cone with a Type B cylinder on top of the needle plate. Unlike its coned counterpart the A2TM does not use a 701 size cart but a Type B eGo tank cartridge, which is consequently why it was bought; but thats for part 3 to see.


The upgrade kit includes: the already mentioned needle plate, a cylindrical cover, 2 tank cartridges and three 1.5cm2 mesh squares. For the price I would have liked to see more of the mesh squares. They are cheap enough to get but surely for an expensive item like this you want to receive enough consumables to last for a little longer.

The build quality on the expansion is as impressive as the quality of the A2 itself. Each module fits precisely on top of the other with the same wonderful threading I was expecting after using the A2 for a while. This being the Stainless Steel version of the A2-TM it also has a nice weight to it; the Aluminum version is naturally going to be lighter.

New from the vendor the update kit will set you back a good €31.49 (plus €5 for the Stainless Steel option) so you would expect it to be good.

[Not a valid template] Now, my complaint! This is clearly stated on the vendors website, but until you need to do it you dont realize how much of a hassle it is. If you are upgrating from the A2 system to either the A2T or the A2TM, you will need to drill a 1mm hole into the needle plate, without it there is no airflow; this is somewhat trickier than it sounds when dealing with stainless steel.

With the drilling out of the way assembly is very easy and a simple video provides most of what you need to make a wick out of the mesh and start vaping right away.


The vapor production is identical to the A2 version, rich vapor coming off the coil. As a tank system this certainly performs much closer to my liking than any eGo atomizer I have tried, even with a 3ohm coil and a 3.2V ego battery that I used for comparison.


The moment of truth, A2TM vs the A2:

I could write for a while on how one is this way and the other is that way, but in short; I liked the A2 better! It is more of a nuisance to drip with the unscrewing of the 701 sized mouthpiece but it is possible and it gives much more flavor than the tank option. With the tank its nearly impossible to drip.. you need to aim for the middle of the needle and hope you get a drop through..

I do like the possibility of the eGo sized drip tip, but not the hassle of tanks anymore; odd considering it was an eGo-T that finally got me off tobacco.


I would definitely offer the A2TM as a good option to tank users that want a bit more flavor to their juice and wouldnt mind the fiddling required to make coils and wicks. But for fellow drippers I would recommend the simpler, cheaper A2 option. For picky folk; I would ask to wait until the next post (writing it as we speak) in which I try something completely unrecommended by the Bulli manufacturer; CLIFFHANGER!

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