Variable-voltage vaping isnt for everyone. Although I believe that the Lavatube VV gives a heavy or long-term smoker the best possible chance of switching to electronic cigarettes while remaining completely satisfied and free of nicotine cravings, the Lavatube VV may be a bit of a challenge to use correctly if you are completely new to electronic cigarettes. In addition, people who smoke less heavily may be better served by a smaller electronic cigarette such as the Inferno, which costs less and is capable of producing a little over 75 percent of the vapor that the Lavatube VV produces.

Lavatube Variable-Voltage and Social Smokers

If you only smoke while youre out with your friends, your best bet is an electronic cigarette thats small, stylish and simple to use something that can last all night without needing to be recharged or refilled. In this situation, the Lavatube VV may not be the best product for you because of its size, weight and relatively complicated operation. I believe that the Magma Tank electronic cigarette may be a better option for social smokers; its the same size as a 100s cigarette but doesnt compromise on e-liquid storage capacity or vapor production. To fill the Magma Tank, you need only pop the top off of an empty tank, fill the tank with e-liquid, replace the cap and push it into the tank atomizer. Not only will you not have to worry about bad smells cramping your style at parties, but youll probably start a new trend among your friends as well.

Lavatube Variable-Voltage and Light Smokers

The Lavatube VV produces an incredible amount of vapor so much that some electronic cigarette owners find they can switch to a lower-nicotine e-liquid without feeling any cravings after purchasing the Lavatube VV. If youre a light smoker, though, the vapor produced by the Lavatube VV may actually prove to be too much. You might like the Inferno Tank electronic cigarette instead; it produces slightly more vapor than the Magma Tank while holding a bit more e-liquid more than 1 ml in each tank. Like the Magma Tank, the Inferno tank produces a cooler vapor that many light smokers prefer. Although the Lavatube VV can be configured to produce cooler vapor simply by adjusting the voltage downward, I feel the it would be wiser to purchase the less expensive Inferno Tank than to buy the Lavatube VV and lower its voltage.

Lavatube Variable-Voltage and Heavy Smokers

I feel that the choice of whether or not to buy the Lavatube VV is most challenging for long-term and heavy smokers. If you already own an electronic cigarette and are considering the Lavatube VV because youre unhappy with the amount of vapor your current electronic cigarette produces, the choice is obvious: buy the Lavatube VV. Youll be extremely happy with your purchase. If youve never used an electronic cigarette, though, it may be a good idea to get used to vaping before upgrading to the Lavatube VV.

You can measure the vapor production of an electronic cigarette in watts. A standard electronic cigarette has about 5.47 watts of vapor production. Compare this to the Lavatube VV, which produces 12 watts of vapor at 6.0 volts with the included Lavatube atomizer. This is a significant difference. However, the Inferno Dripelectronic cigarette with its included low-resistance Inferno atomizer produces 9.12 watts of vapor. This approaches the performance of the Lavatube VV while being smaller, easier to operate and more forgiving of mistakes.

I believe that the Lavatube VV is the best electronic cigarette on the market, hands down. However, its also a product that works best in the hands of experienced electronic cigarette owners. If youve ever wished that your current electronic cigarette could provide a more satisfying experience, buy the Lavatube VV now. Im certain you will be extremely happy. If youve never used an electronic cigarette before and think it might be a better idea to buy something with a more forgiving learning curve, consider one of the products mentioned above instead. The Lavatube VV will still be around when youre ready to upgrade.

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