SmokeTip Reviews – Contents & Offerings

SmokeTip is a sure temptation owing to its very affordable Starter Kit and an array of nineteen flavor options. Objectively, everything is satisfactory as the battery life, nicotine level and throat hit are just appropriate. It’s major off-putting issue is the shoddy and crude workmanship. No fancy products are offered with Smoketip, as they provide the basics significantly. The Starter kit is not ornate with a huge list of flavors and battery option. This brand packed up its kit with some basics, including two batteries (Standard sized), five variable flavored cartridges and a charger for both USB and one for a wall. The reason of keeping it less ostentatious is to save extra money. A new improved kit includes all the swanky components that an e smoke relishes.

SmokeTip Reviews – Aesthetics & Build Quality

To flabbergast, Smoke Tip electronic cigarette, do not look like cheap e cigarettes. Although the price is comparatively less than deluxe brands, their appearance is not that bad. Box of electronic cigarette is not gaudy, but the components inside the box are placed nice and tidy. The brand has proved its worth in the functionality rather than in its veil. Like other brands, SmokeTip has also tried to replicate the traditional e-cigarette appearance.

This uniquely designed e-cig comprises of two parts; battery and cartomizer those screws together to give an e-cig appearance. But the normal thickness and length have made SmokeTip cigarettes flamboyant.

SmokeTip Reviews – Flavors & Nicotine Content

“Tobacco flavor gives extravagant throat hit, while others can take time to be adapted by smokers.”

 SmokeTip flavors have 19 variants that have bombarded the market. Including them are Tobacco, Menthol, Clove, Cowboy Tobacco, Vanilla, Grape, and Cinnamon. If you would like to try something labyrinthine, try Candy Cane. Howbeit, all flavors do a fairly good job. SmokeTip delivers four different nicotine levels to greet the avidity of Smokers. These include No Nicotine, 6 mg Ultra Light, 12 mg Light and 16 mg Full Flavor. But, the deficit of stronger options is a sure dismay for heaviest smokers. Nevertheless, the other options are unambiguously a good attempt to allow smokers cut down their nicotine ardor.

SmokeTip Reviews – Vapor Production

Vapors produced by electronic cigarettes are meant to be thick enough to give a rousing smoking replacement. SmokeTip e cigarettes vapors render sensational experience to the smokers. The vapors produced are thick and enables smoking as soon as the battery is charged. Full throat hit gives an explosion of flavors when you inhale the thick vapors. If you do not like strong throat hit then you can try lesser strengths. But for smokers who are looking for strong flavors and throat knocks as in tobacco smoking, SmokeTip can be their triumph choice. When it comes to exploring an e cigarette based upon respective nicotine strengths, then E cigs by SmokeTip is one of the intoxicating choices. It does not offer a huge list of strengths, but four strengths are still managed by the brand. You can commence with 0 mg nicotine strength and gradually increase the nicotine up to 16 mg, the full strength available in this brand. The nicotine levels are best for smokers who want to enjoy a deep nicotine throat slam. Those having strong nicotine zest should look for strongest strengths can try another brand that offers up to 24 mg nicotine. All that you need from e-cig is vapors with a slight nicotine strength to fulfill your zeal when you switch from tobacco. SmokeTip e-cigarettes are certainly better alternatives to tobacco.

SmokeTip Reviews – Tech & Battery Life

Battery dynamisms are important when you look for e-cig as you don’t want to recharge it after a few puffs. It should at least last up to 200 puffs. SmokeTip batteries are not excellent when compared to other brands that last for too long. But their batteries can provide a good puffing time at the low price. If you go for more advanced batteries, prices will hike at the same time. In either case, the decision is yours. Either select an expensive battery for long lasting experience or choose an affordable with a little less efficacy. Charging of a battery is not complicated as it takes just a few hours. The flashing LED indicates the battery life effectively to drive the fun on.

SmokeTip Reviews – The Sum Up

“Should never be a problem finding something that you love”

SmokeTip electronic cigarettes are in -expensive as well as fruitful. Undoubtedly, they are one of the unparalleled cigarettes available in the market with its resplendent flavors. The battery is magnolias but requires frequent recharging. Its style and design are much simpler than other ritzy brands being its striking feature. Its operation, grandiose, discerns and sink resembles a traditional cigarette. SmokeTip Starter kit is the best in the business that delivers tobacco hankering to the fullest. Altogether it is a mediocre product good to transit to a healthier lifestyle.


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