Candy King is an e-juice brand created by Los Angeles, California-based Drip More. The line is dedicated to gourmet-quality candy vape juices. DripMore is known for making high-quality vape juices through research, rigorous testing and innovation.

Candy King has many popular candy e-juice flavors on the market. Sour Worm is a classic gummy candy e-liquid that provides a burst of fruity flavors. Indulging the delicious taste of candy is not only for kids. Sour Worm can easily become an all-day vape if you like fruity-candy e-liquids.

Flavor Description

Sour Worm is an exquisite concoction of gummy worms candy. When you vape this e-juice, you will get the taste of sweet and sour candy. There is a nice smoothness to the vape on the inhale and the exhale. If you’re familiar with sour gummy worm candy, you will notice that taste is similar to the aftertaste you get after eating the candy.  You get a little bit more of the sweetness and the mixture of fruity gummy flavor on the inhale.  The taste is sweet on the inhale. You get hints of sour notes on the exhale.

VG/PG Ratio

Sour Worms is a MAX VG e-juice with an 80/20 ratio of vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). MAX VG e-liquids produce abundant clouds and Sour Worm of Candy King is no exception.  It will give you the type of huge vapor that cloud chaser seek.

The MAX VG ratio of this e-juice also means that it has a slight thickness to it. You can vape Sour Worms with a tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA). The choice of a device to use is yours. I prefer dripping and find that an RDA works best for me. The flavor and cloud production is quite good even at low wattage. I vaped it between 35 watts to 90 watts.

Nicotine Strength

Candy King provide Sour Worms with nicotine strength levels of 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg. This e-juice will give you a very mild throat hit. The vape is very smooth. You get a mild sensation in the throat. The throat hit feels soft and mellow. You will not feel any discomfort in the throat when vaping Sour Worms.


Sour Worms is available in a 100 –ml chubby gorilla unicorn bottle that has a child-proof resistant cap. To release the cap, you have to push down a bit. The e-liquid has a light candy aroma and it is very delicious. You can finish a 100-ml bottle of this e-juice within just a few days.

The box is very colorful. There is the Candy King Crown logo which is also found on the label.  In small print, you will find a lot of other information about the vape juice.


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Gummy worms candy is known to have the delicious taste of different fruit flavors. You will find many different colors of gummy worms on the market. Each color will give you a particular fruit flavor. Vaping Sour Worms tastes like a burst of fruity flavors invading your taste buds.

Candy King’s Sour Worms is a very delicious vape that you can relish anytime. It has a nice sweetness and sourness that is tantalizing. You will be delighted with every puff. Candy King offers Sour Worms in two different versions. You will also find Sour Worms Candy King On Ice. The e-juice has the same flavor as the original Sour Worms, but with a touch of menthol.

Candy King’s Sour Worms is a very enjoyable vape. I will give it an eight on a scale of one to ten. That mostly because of the sour note is more in the background. You get more of the sweetness on the inhale. Overall, this is a very delicious vape juice that you will relish if you like fruity candy e-liquids.

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