South Beach Smoke is a predictable name for smokers who have been using E cigs for a while. The brand has been in the market when e-cigs were pioneered. But, with the advent of novel conceptualization and artistry in E Cigs it has still managed to a conspicuous and distinguished name in the industry. They have built up their reputation high and set up a benchmark by offering reliable e cigarettes. South Beach Smoke E Cig offers phenomenal vapor production, decent charging time, responsive battery life and e liquid made in US itself. Generally speaking, its battery design is unimpressive and a little bland and its flavors too subtle. Smoking e-cigarettes of a famous brand is a wise decision. But, adequate research to uncover the peculiar details is pre-requisite before you purchase any e-cig. Below mentioned review will unveil every salient detail of the brand.

South Beach Smoke Review – Contents & Offerings

For smokers who are naïve to reading reviews and want to switch their smoking habits, they have a superlative option to commence. South Beach Smoke Starter Kits are an unsurpassed product to start smoking e-cigs. Their deluxe Starter Kits are matchless and unbeatable. Starter kits comprise of two batteries, standard and high version battery. These can be manual or automatic. Along with these, there are five cartridges and the normal USB charger. Best Starter Kit of South Beach Smoke is their Deluxe Starter Kit that comes with a High and Standard Capacity Battery, five cartridges and a USB charger.

“ Best Starter Kit of South Beach Smoke is their Deluxe Starter Kit”

The price range is affordable and economic as it fits every budget and even more stripped down alternatives are available in case you need to cut down the expenditure. They have amassed a loyal and genuine customer base through their performance.

South Beach Smoke Review – Aesthetics & Build Quality

A very enchanting factor that makes South Beach Smoke a must try and have is its high quality and a sexy guise despite its reasonable price. The design is modishly feline and ultra lusty. The box is decent as the product is more dominant. However: everything is very well laid out with individual compartments for different parts cushioned with plastic and foam. While it may not be the nicest looking box, but it is certainly not a reason to think before buying South Beach Smoke e-cigs. For the e-cig it you will witness that it comes customary in two parts that screw together with one part being the battery and the other being the cartridge. The nucleus of the design is concentrated to be elegant, simple but too modest to meet your charisma just like a diamond.

The e-cig itself is about the size of a normal pen, which is not very different from any of the other brands dominating the market, and the tip changes color from gray to amber as you inhale.


South Beach Smoke Review – Flavors & Nicotine Content

South Beach Smoke e-cigs are right up there with the very best for every persona. South Beach Smoke has ensured that their flavors are strong without being overwhelming and they do indeed taste their worth. They do still offer three different Tobacco flavors, called Classic, Blue, and Gold, along with the ever-popular Menthol, Peppermint; and the sweet flavors of Cherry, Peach, Pina Colada, Chocolate, and Vanilla. The idea of smoking something that tastes of Pina Colada is certainly different, but it is not as horrible as it sounds even if it takes some time to get used to it. The flavors are not very high hitting but still manage to offer good tobacco emulation. You have a choice to make from five different nicotine levels ranging from, Bold (24 mg), Full Flavored (16 mg), Light (12 mg), Ultra Light (6 mg) and No Nicotine. You can manage to be evenly placed with the levels in accordance to your nicotine striving.

With the vapor you will not be dispirited as South Beach Smoke e-cigs are right up there with the very best. What you get with this e-cig is a good white cloud of dense smoke that does come across as being very similar to a traditional cigarette. It is also very tranquil to do this without having to really prime the battery first. They have clearly spent some time ensuring that the vapor is just right and you should enjoy smoking.

South Beach Smoke offers distinct nicotine levels to grace various types of smokers. With this brand, you get five different strengths ranging from 0 mg, which is for the person who is looking at just replicating the smoking motion, to ultra-light at 6 mg, to light at 12 mg, full flavor at 16 mg, and lastly bold at 24 mg. Apparently, even the heaviest of smokers get a good enough hit from these e-cigs as the 24 mg is quite strong and 16 mg is the same as a conventional cigarette. The fact that they offer you several different strengths does, of course, mean that you can gradually reduce your dependency on nicotine over time with this company makes it easier for you to eventually quit.


South Beach Smoke Review – Tech & Battery Life

Lastly, it’s crucial to acknowledge the battery life because you do not want to buy an e-cig that is constantly running out and needs often recharging. Both the batteries rendered should be able to last an entire day without too many hassles, but the Standard battery will generally have 25% less charge capacity than the longer version, so you may reckon to take this into consideration. Predominantly, you can get at least 200 puffs out of the Standard version with this being equivalent to a pack of 20 traditional cigarettes, and charging takes a couple of hours without any decay and murder of quality time. Battery is overall responsive, economical and with minimum lags.

South Beach Smoke Review – The Sum Up

“It is truly a fantastic way to get started with neat and dexterous way to smoking”

To conclude, I have to say that South Beach Smoke e-cigs are reasonably priced, produce a great vapor, taste good, look fair, but most importantly work wonders. Yes, there may be others that have a better style and design, but it is the functionality that matters and they have proficiently polished this arena. And they are truly worthy of some serious consideration. I have stamped my approval as they are reliable well built with impressive warranty but its hit and miss flavors can surely be ignored.

Key Facts

  • Starter Kit Range: $59.99-$159.99
  • Cartridges Cost: $2.66
  • Cartridge Life:150-200 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 250 Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB, Car ans PCP
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