Based in Florid  a comes another mind blowing e-cigarette consumer, the Starfire E-Cig. Launched in 2011, Starfire E-Cig has managed to give its client two different colored starter kits with additional cartridges filled with nine different flavors. For the feasibility of the customers, Starfire also provides a mini tobacco kit along with a menthol flavor, as well as five flavors in disposable e-cigs.

The basic strength of the e-cig system in the Starfire is extremely innumerable; the e-cig is affordable and the cartridges can be furthered replaced, rather than getting them refilled.

Design, Layout and Packaging

The starter kit from the Starfire e Cig is a traditional piece at once. It comes bi-folded in a cardboard box. The color of the desired kit you will get has a corresponding color box designed by the company as well. The box comes with the packaging of company branding, warnings and contents on the back of it. Inside the box is a felt-coated tray made of plastic which holds the USB cable and the AC adapter on the left side and PCC on the right side. Below the PCC, you will notice a five cartridges packed. The flavors can be any of your choice. Moreover, a user manual and a small certificate of inspection come also inside the package. Two batteries are also packed inside the box. The batteries in the Starfire are branded on the base. The LED tip glows red when you start using the e-cig.

Vapor and Flavors

In the Starfire e Cig cartridges, there are two very important features – the first being the e-liquid. Also known as the vegetable glycerin, it is made in America and it is used to fill the cartridges. Most of the brands uses hardwire that is made inside China. The second most important factor is that there no propylene glycol is used in the Starfire, a plus point for the users who may be allergic to PG. The features allow making thick vapors. On the contrast, the cigs are little foggers in the size. Every flavor makes a hefty amount of vapor and manages to decently hit the throat.

As mentioned earlier, there are nine flavors made for the customers, blended with Gourmet Coffee and Turkish Tobacco. The blend with the desired flavor makes the e-cig smoking experience a wonderful one. The flavors included in the kit are:

1. Menthol
2. Vanilla
3. Cherry
4. Coffee
5. Apple
6. Watermelon
7. Peach

Each of the flavors has its own blend and taste. Trying all of them for a little puff will give you the complete idea of choosing a favorite one.



* Made in America
* Affordable
* Kits with PCC
* Tobacco flavor

* Thick vapors


* Battery life short
* No battery upgrade
* Wireless USB charger extra

Affordable to buy in the price range of $59.95, the Starfire e Cig kit is a deal worth the love. With the presence of PCC,
stylish looks and quality hardware, it is exactly what the e-smokers need. It may not be for everyone out there, but for those having a strong love for e-cig experience; they definitely need to try this. The charger with the e-cig also allows the smokers to enjoy for the day.


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