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Steps On How To Refill A Cartomizer With E Liquid!

Most e cigarette cartridges (or cartomizers as they are sometimes referred to as) are meant to be disposable, but a lot of e cig companies send the electronic cigarette along with a few empty cartridges so that you can fill them yourself at home with whatever e liquid you want. It is even possible to refill a disposable cartridge with the e liquid that you have at home. There are lots of advantages to this, which we will discuss in the coming paragraphs, but I wanted to start off by saying that there are many tips and tricks on how you could refill a cartridge and what I am going to pose is just one among the many. A few new ones have a tricky design, so it might be a tad difficult in such cases.

Advantages of Refilling Your Own Cartomizer With E Liquid

The advantages of filling your own cartridge with a preferred e liquid are vast. For starters, you can refill e liquids almost instantly instead of waiting for new cartridges to be delivered to your house. Most new disposable cartridges aren’t usually filled to its limit, which will tamper with the effectiveness of your smoke. By filling it yourself, you can make sure that doesn’t happen! Best of all, refilling it yourself is much more economical and you get more drags per cent when compared to buying new filled cartridges.

There is however one downside to this method, which is taking a bit of effort to get things done. But if you have a nice case that carries about 5 cartridges, then it won’t be much of a hassle. The following is the easiest way to refill a cartridge.

Steps on How to Refill an E Cig Cartridge/Cartomizer with E Liquid

Step 1: Get E Liquid with a dropper or syringe. Separate the cartomizers from the rest of the e cigarette.

Step 2: Remove the cap (on the side where you put your mouth) with the help of a safety pin, a tooth pick or anything that’s pointy, long and doesn’t break.

Step 3: You will find a rubber cap or condom to prevent the juice from slipping out into the mouth piece. Remove that the same way you removed the cap on Step 2.

Note: In certain e cigarette designs, this method won’t be possible because it is a totally different design.

Step 3: You have now reached the actual area where the e liquid or e juice is to be added to. Take a dropper or syringe and slowly fill the cartridge. If you have exceeded the limit, don’t panic. Just take a tissue paper and remove the excess or you could just take a towel or tissue, put it on the opposite side of the mouth piece and blow slowly from the mouth piece till its reached its optimum limit.

Step 4: Put back the rubber cap or condom and the cap.

Step 5: Attach the cartomizers to your e cig.

Step 6: Enjoy.

If you have any questions, do feel free to ask us. If you have other innovative ways to refill a cartridge with a e liquid, then do feel free to let us know.


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