What is the Best Volcano Electronic Cigarette?


Volcanos extensive lineup of electronic cigarettes is built on four primary starter kits and includes something for every type of customer. Although the Lavatube is considered the flagship of Volcanos lineup, it isnt the best choice for all types of smokers. For example, if you are a social smoker and want something that you can feel comfortable using among your friends in public, the Lavatube may not be the electronic cigarette that you want to be seen using. Read through this comparison to get a better understanding of Volcanos product lineup and find the best Volcano electronic cigarette for your needs.

Volcano Electronic Cigarette ($64.99)

The Volcano e-Cig also known as the Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette is the entry-level starter kit from Volcano. It is also the smallest electronic cigarette, with the same size as a standard king-sized cigarette. The Volcano electronic cigarette is based on an e-Cig model number called L88B, which is one of the most popular micro electronic cigarette models on the market. The starter kit includes two automatic batteries, one USB charger, one wall charger, one pack of five refill cartridges also called atomized cartridges or cartomizers due to their inclusion of a dedicated heating coil in each cartridge and a portable cigarette pack-shaped device that charges dead batteries on the go. The Volcano e-Cig is a perfect introduction for anyone who wants to take the plunge and switch from smoking to using electronic cigarettes but isnt sure what the experience is like. Its also a great electronic cigarette for social smokers or people who smoke ultra light cigarettes and dont need a great deal of nicotine to be satisfied. The Volcano electronic cigarette is a reliable performer that can last around 40-60 puffs before the battery needs to be recharged. When used in conjunction with the included charging pack, you should have no trouble using the Volcano e-Cig all day without worrying about the charging pack and batteries dying. The charging pack can recharge a dead Volcano e-Cig battery several times and can itself be recharged from your computers USB port.

Magma Electronic Cigarette ($74.99)

The Magma Electronic Cigarette is a compromise between the desire to have a small electronic cigarette that is portable and easy to use in public, and the desire to have an electronic cigarette with excellent battery life and vapor production. While the Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette has a 90 mAh battery, the Magma e-Cig has a battery life of 180 mAh and will last most users around 100 puffs before it needs to be recharged. It is approximately the same size as a 100s cigarette. Like the Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette, it also includes a portable charging pack that can prevent you from having an emergency when the battery dies away from a power outlet. In addition to the two batteries and charging case, the Magma e-Cig includes a 15 ml bottle of e-liquid, which should last most users about a week. It is available in two different configurations. One includes an atomizer and hollow mouthpiece, allowing you drip e-liquid directly on the atomizer before using the e-Cig. The other configuration includes a tank atomizer called a tankomizer and a pack of five empty tanks, allowing you to fill a tank with e-liquid and place it inside the tankomizer before use. One tank holds about 1 ml of e-liquid, which is enough to last through several hours of near-constant use. The Magma e-Cig is also compatible with the pre-filled cartomizers sold for the Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarette, as are all other Volcano electronic cigarettes.

Inferno Electronic Cigarette ($74.99)

The Inferno Electronic Cigarette is a product for heavier smokers and people who have used smaller electronic cigarettes and are ready to consider an upgrade. Its around the same size as a thin cigar or thick pen, and the larger size allows the Inferno e-Cig to have an extra high-capacity 1000 mAh battery. The high capacity of the Inferno e-Cig battery will enable almost all electronic cigarette users to go an entire day if not more between battery charges. It also allows the Inferno e-Cig to support low-resistance atomizers, which produce about 66 percent more vapor than a small electronic cigarette atomizer with each puff. It is important to keep in mind, however, that while using a low-resistance atomizer with the Inferno e-Cig will cause it to produce more vapor, it will also decrease the battery life a bit. Along with the 1000 mAh battery, the Inferno e-Cig kit also includes a shorter 650 mAh battery that can be stored in a pocket a bit more easily and also has a USB port on the end so you can continue to power it from your computer if the battery dies. The Inferno e-Cig kit also includes USB and wall chargers, a tankomizer and blank tanks or atomizer and drip tip and 15 ml bottle of e-liquid. The Inferno e-Cig is available in several different colors. If you prefer full-flavored cigarettes or smoke more than a pack a day and have never used an electronic cigarette before, I recommend that you skip the Magma and Volcano electronic cigarettes and purchase the Inferno or Lavatube. The higher vapor production and battery life of these two electronic cigarettes will greatly increase your chance of making the switch from tobacco products a successful one.

Lavatube Electronic Cigarette ($99.99)

The Lavatube Electronic Cigarette is the flagship of Volcanos lineup. Although some of Volcanos products may be better choices for certain types of customers, I feel that the Lavatube is the best Volcano electronic cigarette overall. Out of Volcanos entire product lineup, the Lavatube e-Cig is the only one that is a variable-voltage e-Cig, able to let you dial in the vapor and flavor you want using any choice between 3.0 and 6.0 volts. The Lavatube produces more than double the vapor of a standard electronic cigarette, and it also lasts quite a bit longer thanks to the 1600 mAh battery. Even if you use the Lavatube exclusively at six volts, you should have no problem avoiding a dead battery while vaping as long as you remember to charge it at night. Along with the Lavatube body and battery, the Lavatube kit also includes a two-battery wall charger, an atomizer and a drip tip. Just add a bottle of e-liquid before you check out, and youll be all set to go. The Lavatube electronic cigarette is a product for serious smokers and experienced electronic cigarette users who are ready to dial the vapor production and flavor up to the next level. If you have previous experience with electronic cigarettes but have only tried smaller models such as the Magma and Volcano electronic cigarettes, then you couldnt possibly be prepared for the experience that the Lavatube will provide: warm, flavorful vapor that will leave you feeling so satisfied that youll never want to light up a tobacco cigarette again.

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