Tank Atomizer Tips and Tricks

Tank Atomizer Tips and Tricks

Depending on your preferred vape setup you may enjoy the convenience of a tank style atomizer. These atomizers are comfortable and convenient because you just fill them up and vape. Some tanks may experience flooding, slight leaking or hard hits. These will usually be occurring but can be prevented with the use of some vaping tricks we have found over the course of our time vaping. 

Bottom Fed Atomizers Gurgling Or Spitting Back E-liquid 

In most cases an atomizer gurgling or spitting back e-liquid will be caused by your atomizer reaching the end of its life and needing to be replaced. The lifespan of an atomizer can vary from a couple of days up to a couple of weeks, depending on usage. Other causes of over saturation that result in the gurgling or flooding  of an atomizer can be:

  • Drawing too hard on an atomizer
  • Not enough power being used to heat the coils in your atomizer
  • Coil not being installed or primed properly.
  • Tank e-liquid levels being too low

To force any excess e-liquid from your tank, remove your tank and place a tissue or paper towel underneath the tank (or wherever the airflow is located on your tank). Lightly blow down your tank to expel any excess e-liquid that may be drowning your coils making it difficult to vaporize efficiently.

*** In a rush? If your bottom fed tank is flooded and you don’t have time to clean up any mess, taking a few draws from your tank while pointing the tank upside down will allow you to vape any excess e-liquid off your coils for a quick fix.

Little/No Vapor or a Burnt Taste 

What if the problems you’re experiencing are the complete opposite? No vapor, burnt taste.

Improper or inefficient wicking may be caused by improper priming of an atomizer. Depending on your tank, some tanks may require some extra steps such as cold hits (vaping your tank without firing your device), or introducing a few drops of e-liquid over your coils before vaping.

If you think your tank needs a little help, drawing on your tank a few times without pressing the fire button should aid your atomizer in wicking.

Other causes for dry hits can be:

  • Your atomizer may be too low of resistance for your battery
  • Your voltage may be turned up too high.
  • Your juice (especially VG base) may be too thick and requires a little more time between draws to re-wick.


If your tank appears to be leaking but has no visible cracks, this may be caused by your tank flooding and e-liquid leaking out the air holes of your tank. Troubleshooting for flooding may resolve this issue.

Everyone will have their tips and tricks when approaching these traditional e-cigarette related issues.

If you have any questions or some advice you’d like to contribute, please contact us. We’re always happy to help.

Happy Vaping!

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