The Most Innovative Vape Juice Flavors

Does an Electronic Cigarette Taste Like a Real Cigarette

Most people who are regular users of e-cigarettes have a collection of vape juice flavors they prefer and purchase. They might have given a few others a try, but they settle on a few that are the best in their eyes. It always comes down to what you like and what your taste buds yearn for. However, the market does not cease there as the goal is to always innovate and create something new. Here is a look at the most innovative vape juice flavors that have come out onto the market and impressed one and all in recent times.


Lets begin the list with one flavor that has been making the rounds in recent times. This comes in the form of carrot. Yes, carrot is now a flavor you can go with after an innovator sat down and put this one together.
It tastes exactly like you were given a bag of baby carrots and you began eating away.

This might not just be Bugs Bunnys favorite vape juice flavor, but might even become yours after a little while. It takes time to settle in, but it is a definite must try.


Who doesnt like butter with what they are eating? If you are one of those people, you are going to enjoy this flavor. It tastes exactly like fresh butter as soon as you take a puff with your e-cigarette.

It is subtle and does not overpower, which makes it far more enjoyable for those who like butter. It will feel as if you are eating a nice dish with a plump of butter on top making everything taste that much better than it did before.

Butter is one of those flavors that is going to be around for a long time because of how nice it tastes.

Mothers Milk

Yes, when you first look at the name, you might not want to give this one a shot. However, it has a heavenly taste to it that is going to make you cry for more like a baby does for its mothers milk and that is where the name comes from.

The name itself is not the only innovative part of the vape juice flavor. It has to do with the creaminess and custard like taste of it that is unique. It certainly does appeal to those who love a bit of a dessert like taste to their flavors.

Snake Oil

This is one of those unique, fruity concoctions that has become a hit on the market. Most companies are now starting to take this flavor seriously as it has become more than just a novelty. This is one of those flavors that is being copied by others on the market because of the demand for it.

People love it with its unique blend of fruits that ensure there is a bit of sweetness to the aftertaste once you give it a shot.

Snake Oil is indeed one of the better and most innovative options going.

Crab Legs

the innovators behind this vape juice flavor realized they could not simply have a flavor that tasted like crab legs. So, they decided to not only get the distinct flavor of crab legs in the e juice, but to add in a bit of butter. In essence, you are going to feel as if you are eating a plate of crab legs with a helping of buttered lemons on the side.

It might not sound as unique as you would expect, but it is quite the flavor once you give it a shot. The balance between the crab legs and the lemon aftertaste makes it perfect on the tongue.


This fruit is one of those unique options that is adored with certain dishes, but when was the last time you ever thought it would make for a fantastic vape juice flavor? Well, the innovators behind this vape flavor went all out and made sure to replicate the flavor that cucumbers provide.

In the end, it comes across as something that is a tad sweet and has the feeling of smoking a cucumber, if that was ever possible. It is gentle on the tongue and quite nice after a while for those who love their cucumbers.


Most people will require some sort of breath mint after giving this one a shot and yes you might not be seeing any vampires around you. This is why it is critical to understand how hard hitting this flavor is.

It is unique because ginger is often not associated as a flavor, but the innovators behind this flavor have gone all out and made this one of the most powerful flavors being sold.

It packs quite the punch and you might start holding back how much of a puff you take each time you bring the e-cigarette to your mouth.

Dill Pickle

A fan of dill pickles? This is perhaps the only time you are going to get the opportunity to go ahead and give the dill pickle vape juice flavor a shot. This is one of those innovative vape juice flavors most people would not have even thought of.

It is as close as you can get to the taste of a dill pickle at the moment. It is sour and hard hitting just like a dill pickle is.

These are some of the most innovative vape juice flavors that are being sold at the moment and according to most in the industry, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many who are working tirelessly to release new concoctions as time goes on because that is what the market is going for. While, some are going to stick with the evergreen flavors that are being sold, there are others who want to try something new and give their taste buds a bit of a positive shock. It is this niche market that is the target of the innovative vape juice flavors that are being released.

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