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This mod was not sent to me for review, to be frank I dont know why it was sent to me, I aint complaining.. I like getting new vapey stuff to try out and play with, I am going to review it never-the-less.

As a full disclosure I should point out that the vendor of this mod is an advertiser on vape-break and for that reason I shall refrain from using the word fuck in this review. Not once will the F-word make its nasty appearance in the entire review.

Yes this thing is slim (gosh darnit, I blew it already) if I didnt know any better I would not have guessed that it is not a tiny 14500 mod. The TurboXL AV is in fact a VV mod with a whole bunch of bells and whistles (without actual bells and whistles). The batteries it is using is in fact 2 stacked cr2 (3.7V) or.. as the label on them says ICR15270, you say “potato” I say “take the necessary precautions when stacking batteries so you dont end up blowing your face off.. Im already bored with all the unfunded speculations over a similar story”.

Safety first:

Theres large vent hole at the bottom of the mod to avoid explosions and some built in protection too, in the form of Reverse Current protection, Over Drain protection at 3amps and Overheating Protection. Those sound lovely and thankfully I have not had to experience any of them!

What does 3amp protection mean to you? Well it basically means that anything reading 1.5 ohms on the meter (LR atomizers and dual coil cartos) will not work past 4.5V for me this is not that restricting, I like a 1.5ohm atty at 4.2V, maybe 4.4V max depending on the juice.

Built Quality:

Without batteries loaded the TurboXL feels very light, a bit too heavy and the thin tube walls originally gave me some pause for concern. But it does not feel like a cheaply made device. I was pleasantly surprised to find the inside of the tube anodized as well. Its not perfect, theres some lips and edges where with just a couple of weeks of use the aluminium is starting to show through but considering the price and features its not bad at all!

The connector is a completely custom made 510, a bit raised like a modders connector and with the clearance it gets it can accommodate an ego style cartomizer or atomizer natively. When used in that fashion however I experienced a much stiffer draw. I never use an ego style atomizer anymore so I wont be using that in rating the mod. Its also available in a 808 fitting if thats what you prefer.

With the batteries inserted the weight is much more reassuring and much more even.

On the downside, and I dont know why this irks me so much.. I can still see the machined grooves in the tube area, they don’t look bad and could have very well been left there by choice but its mostly in the battery tube area and not the top bit that houses the electronics.. I would have like a slightly more uniform look.

Im shooting a duck for the machined finish, it rubs me in all the wrong places (and not in a good way) another duck goes flying out the window for the sharp lips returning to their silverish color. I am taking half a duck out of the freezer however for the inside of the tube being anodized, ive anodized stuff myself and know its insanely hard to do the inside of the tube.. and have seen quite a few mods that didnt bother doing them


[Not a valid template] Very click-y, metal and reactive, have not gotten a misfire out of it yet. Its a bit on the small side and has enough resistance to dig into the skin a bit, but I have not noticed anything like that in over 2 weeks of constant use so NO, not a problem.

Its a good button, albeit a touch on the smaller side.. could be better

Battery Life:

[Not a valid template] The kit comes with 4 unbranded ICR 15270s rated at 450mah 15270s are the same size as CR2s but run at 3.7V instead of the typical 3V. With the 450mah batteries and the built in Pulse Width Modulation (which I lack the equipment to show currently *sad face*) I was able to get 6hours out of a set of cells running at 4.5V on a 1.7ohm atomizer with heavy test vaping. Definitely surprising since I can usually only get about an hour per 100mah. Looking around I did find some higher rated batteries, round 600mah which by guesstimate alone would give roughly 8hours.

While the PWM is definitely a bonus the battery life means I would need 2 sets of fully charged batteries to last through a work day. They are tiny batteries and not a bother to carry, but thats for you to decide.

[easyreview cat1title=Battery Life cat1detail=Going a different way with this rating, Im starting at 3 ducks for the 6hour life and then taking one off for not getting better batteries, the blue Ultrafire 600mahs would make a difference and they are quite cheap, seen these for $4.19. The PWM does work to extend battery life considerably, so thats a bonus duck cat1rating=3]


For a small mod this packs pretty much everything you can expect from a VV, without a digital readout that was supplied separately in the kit!

There is a small juice catch, would fit a drop in case of a spill. Kind of there but not there situation.. I dont like that.

Changing the voltage is done with a little (provided) screwdriver that goes in the side of the mod, its in a good place for it but it does mean that you need to carry around a little screwdriver, I do not in anyway mind that, but if you are out and about and need to change your voltage then be aware that youll need to carry around the additional little volt meter and screwdriver.

The button is in a good spot, easy to find with either the thumb or the index finger and on top of that theres 4 holes where the leds shine through. Im not a fan of LEDs on mods.. I find them kind of distracting but the design on these is quite subtle. Id still rather they werent there but I dont mind them as much as some others. And I suppose since they have color choices it could be good for some people.

Its got all the bells and whistles you can look for in a mod, in the right places! It could be better but for the size its pretty good


Not a looker, not in my eyes. Its a simple tube design yet it doesnt rub me the right way to excite my senses.


Looks area is not rated, too subjective.

Value for Money:

At $84 for the barebone mod and $124 for the kit its very good value for money, what you get is basically a fully functioning Variable Voltage mod with many safety and other features. I suppose the Lavatube (or same but differently named device) is cheaper but the 3amp cutoff on the TurboXL is definitely worth the extra coin.

[easyreview cat1title=Value for Money cat1detail=Fully working VV under $100.. yeah bring it! cat1rating=4.5]


Theres a number of Variable Voltage devices to choose from and this one does not sacrifice functionality to fit into the the cheapest braket. It has some faults but nothing that really stands out as bad. I like it, and I think its priced right

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7.3 tech score

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