V2 Cigs has flawless demand to live up to the expectations of the Electronic Cigarette users. Its five star rating establishes it as the supreme choice, but the stir is not enough. Its spectacular built up can surely keep addicts from smoking. It has endless merits to sum up. The five replacements offered by the V2 brand covering the warranty replacement is the best thing that can happen. Even e-liquid and refills are made handy to drive the fun. The manual and automatic switch options are fancy to use. Vapor production is just excellent and the battery life is longest offered by any other premium brand in the industry. The throat hit is very robust as the cartridge is supported by quality technology. Battery colors are fun and trendy for dynamic culture. But, it lacks resemblance to traditional cigarettes. The manufacturing quality, battery life, flavor diversity, high nicotine levels all sum up to a fabulous product.

 With the prodigious swelling of electronic cigarette market, companies are working hard to differentiate themselves by providing the best ever vaporizing solutions. The tobacco consumption has been remarkably reduced with the advent of electronic cigarettes.  Electronic Cigarette Companies have truly manufactured a phenomenal product. Among the prominent Electronic Cigarette companies; V2 Cigs has established its name high due to its quality vaporizers and e-cigarettes. They are pioneers of E cigs and their top reputation is well cushioned with its adamant consumers. Online reviews help customers in decision making, and provide wider insight of quality brands. My fair review will enable you to realize why this is a fantastic choice and a distinguished brand for an e-cigarette purchase.

V2 Cigs Review – Contents & Offerings

V2 Cigs provides two main types of Cigarette Kits, Standard and Ultimate. Standard Kit is primarily composed of, a manual and an automatic battery, USB port adapter, wall charger and 10 differently flavored cartridges. On the other hand, an Ultimate Kit will provide you a wider range of 25 cartridges, a USB battery, and car charger kit. Users can even avail of the advantage of additional battery, with a portable charger based upon a lanyard and a metal carrying case. These two Kits are evidently different from each other. You can experience a whole new vaporizing affair with the fabulously distinctive kits. Even if you are alien to the world of Electronic Cigarettes, you may even attempt any of the two Starter Kits for a sweeping encounter with flavors. The disparity between the two Kits is surely predictable, but both are really good.

V2 Cigs Review – Aesthetics & Build Quality

The very first usage itself would enable you with light feelings of contentment and appeasement. Apparently, the quality is remarkable and far superior to other contemporary brands. It is truly designed to sway the consumers with its exquisite banging flavors. A notable valid reason of its smashing popularity is that even adamant tobacco consumers, fall deeply in its eroticism. The appearance is captivating to match the high profile style statement of the elite consumers. Shipment of E-Cig is secured and sheltered by multiple inserts that prevent vulnerability that is actually a good attempt. Disfigurement is retarded through these inserts that may occur through pernicious conditions while shipping.

The cartridge provided with V2 is truly worth your every penny. The highly specifically designed two component system contains a cartomizer  along with a battery. The wide color spectrum would amaze your every spot of the retina. The wider and distinguished variety of colors and flavors available in Electronic Vapor Cigarettes will tempt you with its dazzling. The lusty colors of black, metallic and blue have seized a lot of good attention and are very popular as well. It is a great brand to experiment as its guarded, casual and fairly unchallenging to use.


V2 Cigs Review – Flavors & Nicotine Content

“Traditional smoking experience is replicated in V2 Cigs to maintain the same style and hype for smoking ”

The traditional smoking experience is effortlessly replicated in V2 Cigs to maintain the same style and hype for conventional smoking.V2 Cigs flavor options are just sensational.

Best part being that are certainly not limited to one, but V2 offers a wider range of thrilling flavors. In the case of V2, you have three different Tobacco flavor options, Congress, Red, and Sahara. Other prominent Mint flavored options include Coffee, Vanilla, Cherry, Cola, Grape, and Chocolate. Out of these flavors it is perhaps reasonable to say that the Tobacco flavors are the most popular choice while Menthol certainly proves victorious out of the three Mint options. The novel alternatives of Cola and Chocolate inhalation are as adventurous and curiously surprising as the first kiss. The extensive variety of minty, sweet tooth and tobacco blends are a great way to start your day off.

When it comes to the vapor, V2 Cigs have managed to largely replicate the experience of the normal Cigarettes without any sense of deprivation. You will instantly fall in love and adoration of the provocative smoke and even despite being water vapors the stimulating hype is no less than the traditional cigarettes. As with any particular e-cig, there are different nicotine options available; topping the chart is V2 Cigs with four different strengths accessible in the market. These options range from zero nicotine, to 6 mg, 12 mg, 18 mg, and 24 mg. The actuality that they have these four options is good for those addicts that are carving to use V2 Cigs in order to eventually quit smoking. You can gradually reduce the dependency on nicotine without any malignant withdrawal symptoms.

V2 Cigs Review – Tech & Battery Life

Eventually, it is worth examining the battery life of this brand; as you will surely not want to miss the hit at the right moment. Both the manual and automatic battery of V2 Cigs will provide you with approximately 180 puffs although there is a longer life model that will extend this to 300. The fact that you can then recharge it by plugging it into the USB port is certainly very useful in emergency situations. The charging is very quick substantially; you will be pacified with the battery. It is surely the best of the best first generation alternatives available in the market so far.

V2 Cigs Review – The Sum Up

“V2 Cigs are the best in the industry”

V2 Cigs are the best in the industry so far.To my resolution and experience, V2 Cigs looks decent, are very well made, offers a stupendous range of flavors to choose from, and accurately replicate the same vapor that you would get from a conventional cigarette. Yes! They have not gone for the traditional cigarette look, but that is an ethical factor. The only de -merit is a lack of a 24 mg option with the nicotine levels, but unless you have been used to smoking full strength cigarettes this should not pose a serious issue. V2 Cigs are the superlative in the industry,hence if you are badly grave about switching to e-cigs give them a sober go and enjoy the healthier smoking experience. I am surely unable to raise my voice against this cool product as it lives up all hype. Everything is simply perfect with the product and “Yes’’I am thoroughly impressed.

Key Facts

  • Starter Kit Range: $24.85-159.95
  • Cartridges Cost: $1.99
  • Cartridge Life:150-200 Puffs
  • Battery Life: 300+ Puffs
  • Charger Options: Wall, USB, Car and PCP

Final Verdict

Overall: 4.9
Flavor:  5
Vapor:  4.8
Shipping:  5
Value:  5
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