V2 and Vapour Couture both are flagship brands of VMR Products along with V2 Pro.VMR Products brands have a distinct identity, but all of them share a crucial commonality of being high standard products.VMR Product’s has erected a vertically integrated company to fortify highest quality levels from customer service to engineering and product design. Their brands are synonymous with eminence in the world of electronic cigarette market.VMR was founded in Florida in 2009, and since then it has become a global force in the marketplace of electronic cigarettes. They not only boastfully support, distribute, produce and design a blossoming catalog of grade products but also amplifying index of private label marketers across 30 countries. Their vertically integrated business model checks stiff quality control and ideal customer service.

Luxuriant Brands


The unexcelled attribute of VMR Products is their utmost dedication and sincerity towards their brand manufacturing. By providing the perfect opportunity, environment and tools to their staff, they push out the best in their brands. Confessing about V2, V2 Pro and Vapour Couture, all brands have maintained superior quality and threshold improvement right since their birth.VMR is steadfast and adheres to provide reliable services and products to its customer in over 50,000 locations across the globe.VMR has truly pioneered innovation in the monotonous electronic cigarette  marketplace by introducing Vapour Couture. Creativity and novelty is something very admirable in their brands.

VMR has maintained transparency in the e cig industry through their consumer guarantees, batch testing , engineering practices and various other quality insurance schemes. This is something truly admirable aspect of VMR Products. Their stalwart partnership with each of their employees, customers, investors, vendors, retailer and affiliates is a perfect example of true collaboration. This quality of VMR Products has helped to push its all major brands at the top of their respective niches.

Prodigious Market-What makes VMR so startling?

V2 Cigs is nation’s largest selling electronic cigarette. Its superior quality is tested and proven through its excellent performance.V2 is the second most sold e cig brand and has secured presence in more than 40,000 retail outlets. The VMR Company’s pivotal brand has emerged as a leader in the electronic cigarette marketplace.

The flavored cartridges of V2 cigs provide a splendid experience of smoking that is free of odor, smoke and ash.V2 has thickest vapor in the e cig industry and the four choices of nicotine strength is a complete delight for the customers. The specialty flavors along with mouth watering, menthol and rich tobacco flavors cost a fraction of tobacco cigarettes.VMR Products has included everything in their V2 starter kits you need to make a swap from electronic cigarettes including, batteries, e liquid flavors, cartridges and chargers.VMR has provided an array of Starter Kits for its consumers that includes, V2 Cigarettes Standard E Cig Starter Kits, V2 Cigs Economy E Cigarette Starter Kits and V2 Cigs Ultimate Starter Kits.VMR Products have conscientiously designed a social cigarette in the name of V2.The zero carbon monoxide production maintains the  environmental  stability and reduces the stresses to the flora and fauna.

V2 Pro-A fecund of VMR

VMR Products have entered the vaporizer category through V2 Pro. These open system devices are articulated to vaporize multifarious consumables including, e liquids, waxes, e-gels, loose leaf and other alternative mediums. The clever technology of brand identifies the introduced cartridge type and instinctively adjusts the model heat setting for that particular element.VMR Product launched V2 Pro with Series 3 value line but its advanced versions of Series 7 and Series 9 would be surfaced soon. The capability and pricing is disruptive and offers standard performance.VMR company has won millions of heart by providing ace customer services. The return policy, warranty and shipping options are quite sterling as well.

Vapor Couture-Ebullient Brand


VMR Products solely devoted Vapour Couture to women yearning for invigorating smoking experience. VMR manages and operates Vapour Couture in Czech Republic, Canada and United States. Where majority of electronic cigarettes companies, pre dominantly outsource their products, VMR plays an agile role in support, distribution, design and manufacture of Vapour Couture.VMR Product, emphasis on standardization and adequate regulation of e cig industry and works to provide top notch products for safety and delectation of its customers across the globe. VMR has combined the robust technology of V2 cigs with feline and ultra glamorous accessories to produce Vapour Couture .Vapour Couture features, jewel tipped ultra thin rechargeable battery with flavored cartridges in four distinctive colors. Every cartridge is handpicked to beguile the refined delicate palate of women.VMR has designed every product of Vapour Couture, by adroit VC engineers, located in California and Florida.

What makes VMR and its brands effervescent in the market?


VMR Products relish an important existence in retail locations throughout the entire world. The major brands of company including Vapour Couture and V2 are handsomely sold in kiosks, tobacco retailers and convenience stores in more than 30 countries. Its availability in over 50,000 retail locations justifies its popularity.

VMR recently proclaimed partnership with National Tobacco Company (NTC) that enabled its business amongst new retailers.VMR Products is a cardinal player in the international electronic cigarette marketplace. Their deep understanding of cultural and logistical market differences enabled VMR to maintain successful partnership across all important platforms of retail, wholesale, internet, radio, TV and direct response. The major qualities of VMR brands including, superior flavor, thick vapor production, great quality control measures and reliable electronics have made its brand best sellers and a sensation not only in America but also overseas.VMR has distributors prevailing in over 30 countries.

VMR Product is a regnant Original Management Manufacturer (OEM) with a decent track record of bestowing triumphant turnkey solutions to various electronic cigarette companies.VMR provides hefty range of services including, marketing, logistics, liquid lab, quality assurance, rapid prototype, communication/social media, legal department, affiliate team, graphic design team and E-Commerce Development Team to the companies. The VMR expertise augments inventory management, streamlines expenditures, curtails risks and depletes marketing tenures.VMR provides unrivalled performance as an OEM to turn dreams into reality.VMR has done something quite splendid their Integrated Retail Kiosk Program renders unique scope to retail vendors.VMR Product is truly unsurpassable as more than 80% of its naive buyers secure a repeat purchase.

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