What Is The Best Type Of E-Liquid For Sub-Ohm Vaping?


There are many different types of vaping devices that are available for people that are thinking about switching from smoking to vaping. A primary concern that many long time smokers have is that the effect of the vapor is not going to be as good as cigarette smoke, and if it is not, they will likely not switchover. The benefit of using the more modern devices that are available including variable voltage vaping devices, as well as mechanical vaping products, is that the technology that has been developed has made both very safe to use. This is very important when you are talking about sub ohm vaping, the top choice for those that need a lot of vapor. Lets go over what sub ohm vaping is, how it works, and what the best type of e-juice is for these products.

Understanding Sub-Ohm Vaping

To understand what this is, you need to know a little bit about electricity to fully comprehend why this type of vaping has become so popular. Whether you are a fan of variable voltage and variable wattage devices, or if you prefer mechanical MODs, this information will pertain to both. The word Ohm is representative of what is called resistance. In regard to electricity, the more resistance that you have, the safer a device will be. This is because it will prevent large amounts of electricity from passing through circuit which is measured as voltage and wattage. A sub-ohm device is a vaping product that has a very low amount of resistance. Sub ohm refers to devices that have less than one Ohm of resistance which means there will be considerably more voltage, amperage and wattage.

Can These Devices Be Dangerous?

In the past, perhaps a year or two ago, this would have been considered a dangerous way to go. As we just mentioned, you will have less resistance for the electricity that is being used by the vaping device, and therefore there was always the possibility that if the left on, especially with mechanical MODs, that there would be the potential for overloads and possible fires. Today, sub-ohm devices are made very safe, even those that are mechanical without the benefit of electronic safeguards. So why do people choose sub home devices over regular vaping devices that are used today? It has to do with the amount of vapor that is produced.

Sub Ohm Vaping Products Produce More Vapor

When you have more electricity to work with, and there is less resistance, the amount of vapor that is going to be produced will simply be much more. Think of it as an electronic cigarette on steroids, capable of vaporizing much more e-juice with every draw that you take.. This, of course, means that the batteries that you are using are going to deplete themselves much more quickly, prompting many people to purchase additional batteries if they are using a sub-ohm device. This is a small price to pay, at least in the minds of those that enjoy have the amounts of vapor, because it will enhance their overall experience.

What Type Of E-juice Should You Use With Sub Ohm Devices?

The type of e-liquid that is used with these devices needs to be a certain consistency. To understand the composition, you have to first understand the components that make up e-juice today. E-juice is composed of five different ingredients. There is vegetable glycerin, a common product that is used with the production of food, and also personal care products like toothpaste. It is non-toxic, and over 80% of all e-liquids that are made consist of VG. The base of e-liquids is called propylene glycol, a common solvent that is most famous for its ability to produce fog when used with fog machines. This is what typically produces most of the vapor that you see with electronic cigarettes. The final three components include the flavoring which is similar to what is used when making confectionery products, nicotine which can be up to 2.4%, and occasionally the use of distilled water. With a typical vaping device or electronic cigarette, the amount of vegetable glycerin that is used is much higher than the PG which produces most of the vapor. However, with a sub-ohm device, this ratio is closer to 50/50 because of how much electricity is used with these vaping products. The propylene glycol must be significantly lower because too much will produce far too much vapor, and due to the fact that it is harsh on the back of a persons throat, sometimes causing allergic reactions, it must be limited when using one of these high-powered sub-ohm devices. The VG will compensate for the extra power of the sub ohm vaping device, creating a nice thick fog that will have plenty of density and provide a much larger hit in terms of nicotine delivered. That is why people will also choose to use e-liquids that are specifically designed for sub ohm devices at much lower nicotine levels, usually about .6%, or else it will simply be too much nicotine delivery into your system.

For those that are primarily interested in producing as much vapor as possible, there really is no other device that is better than a sub-ohm vaping product. There are many different ones on the market, all of which have been updated using new technology which makes them perfectly safe, whether you are using a mechanical mod or a variable voltage variable wattage device. If you are new to the vaping scene, a VV/VW vaping product will probably be the best product to start with. If you want even more vapor, and more control, the mechanical mods will produce quite a bit more vapor, giving you total control of the overall experience. When searching the Internet for the many different companies that offer e-juice, make sure that you choose one that is specifically designed for sub ohm products, with lower amounts of nicotine, and the exact flavors that you want. The benefit of using any type of electronic cigarette or vaping device is that it gives you full control, with the added benefit of not introducing toxic substances into your body such as carcinogens and chemicals, making this a much safer way to enjoy nicotine and all that comes with using vaping products available today.

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