What is the Nicotine Strength of an Electronic Cigarette?

Nicotine Strength of an Electronic Cigarette

If you’re not too familiar with electronic cigarettes, you may be wondering where the nicotine is contained and how strong it is.

To first clear one thing up – the nicotine isn’t contained in the electronic cigarette itself. When you first encounter a smokeless electronic cigarette, it’s natural to think they’re just like regular cigarettes.

However, the nicotine you crave is instead contained in a liquid or pre-filled cartridge you purchase separately and attach to the cigarette. What happens is when you take a drag on the electronic cigarette (just like you would with a regular cigarette), an atomizer heats the liquid and turns the nicotine into a vapor that you inhale.

That’s why we call it vaping!

As you probably know, regular cigarettes are available in a variety of strengths. Some brands like Marlboro Ultra Lights hardly contain any nicotine while others, like Lucky Strike, have a high amount of nicotine in them.

In general, electronic cigarette liquid comes in varying strengths and is tailored to meet the satisfaction of every vaper. These include:

No Nicotine – contains 0 milligrams of nicotine

Light – contains 4-8 mg of nicotine

Medium – contains 10-14 mg of nicotine

Full – contains 16-24 mg of nicotine

In light of this information, you may be wondering how long a nicotine liquid cartridge is supposed to last. Regardless of strength, each nicotine liquid cartridge lasts around 60-80 puffs. How long one lasts depends on your habits and how you intend to use your electronic cigarette.

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