What Makes Cuban Cigars So Special?


Everyone hail the Cuban cigar as the best in the world but most still wonder what exactly makes the cigar different from the rest.  The Cuban Cigar industry is still under the government regulations, therefore the creation rituals for this type of cigarette has remained the same for over 100 years. Many people think the only special thing about Cuban cigars is that they are made from the Cuban seeds, while others believe that the length the stick is the only unique thing. For others, the fact that the Cuban cigars are illegal and very scarce across several countries, make them unique.

What makes Cuban Cigars special?

•  Each Cuban Cigar is hand-rolled and  made from special care attention , right from the point where the seed is planted and to the final packaging point where the stick is hand-rolled. Any Cuban Cigar that does not pass the final inspection and testing will be removed from the pack.

•  Cuban Cigars are also special because they react mildly to smoke, unlike most of the cigarettes you find around today. It Produces a pleasant and relaxing smoke .

Cuban Soil•  The quality of the Tobacco in Cuban cigars make them unique and more fascinating than traditional cigars. It is the quality of tobacco used in the making of these cigars that make them react mildly when lighted.

•  The Cuban cigar flavour  is un-rivaled. Since the flavour of a  Cigar largely depend on the soil on which its seeds are cultivated, the Cuban Cigar has a rich taste and flavour of the rich Cuban soil and like some people will say “Only the Cuban cigar tastes like the Cuban”.

•  Unfavourable growth conditions have marred the production of Cuban Cigars for decades , however the newly signed accord between the United States and Cuban government has lifted restrictions especially in trade relations between the two countries, therefore Cuban cigars will be accessible to the United States as well as several other Western countries.

•  It is believed that several stages of fermentation and ageing  have contributed immensely to the maturity of Cuban cigars. The sophisticated nature of smoke that comes out of Cuban cigar include a fine blend of chocolate , leather and coffee, therefore each cigar releases a very short but fat smoke that other cigarettes do not produce.

•  The prices of Cuban Cigars make them exclusive to the rich . The cheapest Cuban cigar may go for as much as $30 per roll. The scarcity of the cigarette might have contributed to the higher prices, but the richness of the Cuban cigar in terms of flavour may also play an important role in the price.

•  The Cuban Cigar is punched through before lighting it up and there is a special cutter that comes with it. No other cigarette comes with extra accessories and preferential treatments like these, and that is one of the factors that make the Cuban Cigar so special to those who want quality and premium cigarette products. The Cuban cigar is definitely in a class of its own.


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