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Recently, I received an email from a reader who enjoyed reading the reviews on this site, but asked me to basically cut to the chase and recommend what e-cig he should buy right now. This inspired me to write an article that doesnt go into a lot of lengthy explanations and simply lists what electronic cigarettes I recommend for a first-time buyer, and why. Keep in mind that the list of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids that I havent tried is far longer than the list of products that I have tried, and all I can speak from is my own personal experience. I plan to make this electronic cigarette buying guide a permanent part of usaecigsecigarette, and will keep it updated as I discover new products in the future.

The Best E-Cig for DrippingVolcano Inferno E-Cig Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Volcano Inferno Drip Kit ($74.99)

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For the best experience, add Lava Atomizer ($7.99) and XL Drip Tip ($3.49) to purchase.

This is the electronic cigarette that I use every day. The Inferno is slightly larger than the electronic cigarettes that you may have seen in most advertisements. This is because it has a very large battery, capable of powering a low-resistance atomizer for all-day use. The Inferno is comparable in size to a thick pen or thin cigar. This is an e-cig for dripping, meaning that you send a couple of drips of e-liquid down the hole at the top of the mouthpiece before before taking a puff. Youll get around five long puffs before needing to add additional e-liquid. The Inferno Drip Kit includes a standard-resistance atomizer and compatible mouthpiece (drip tip). However, I recommend spending the few extra dollars to purchase a low-resistance atomizer and drip tip instead. Low-resistance atomizers heat up more quickly, producing more vapor with a more intense flavor. The metal cone of the Inferno also serves to trap warm air around the atomizer, pre-heating it in a sense. This is the electronic cigarette that gives you the most flavor,  the warmest vapor and best throat hit.

Buy the Inferno Drip Kit if you:

  • are a heavy or long-term smoker and want the experience that feels most like the real thing
  • dont mind carrying a bottle to add more liquid every few puffs

The Best E-Cig for Cartridges

Volcano Inferno Tank Kit ($74.99)


The original electronic cigarettes could be unreliable at times. They used disposable cartridges containing a filler material saturated with e-liquid. Although the e-liquid was supposed to wick down to the atomizer, this system could sometimes be problematic and messy. The Inferno Tank Kit (formerly the Inferno (T)) solves that problem by using disposable tanks instead. To use it, you fill a small tank with liquid and then insert the tank into the atomizer. When you take a puff, it creates a vacuum that draws liquid from the tank to the atomizers reservoir. This system is clean and reliable, and unlike a traditional e-cig cartridge, it never fails to produce vapor when you want it. A tank of liquid lasts for hours even with near-constant use, and when it is empty you can refill it or throw it away. Tanks cost just $3.99 for a pack of five. The Inferno Tank Kit produces plenty of vapor at a slightly lower temperature than what you would get with the Inferno and Lava atomizer, because the tank uses a standard-resistance atomizer. So, the flavor intensity and throat hit are lessened slightly. The Inferno Drip Kit and Inferno Tank Kit use the same batteries and charger. Once you have purchased one starter kit, you can cheaply buy a few extra parts and essentially have both versions of the Inferno e-cig. I use my Inferno Tank Kit on long drives when I cant reach for a bottle.

Buy the Inferno Tank Kit if you:

  • dont want to carry a bottle to drip from and want one e-cig that works all day
  • dont mind slightly cooler vapor and reduced throat hit
  • want the most convenient e-cig on the market

The Best Menthol e-LiquidVolcano Menthol Burst E-Liquid

Volcano Menthol Burst ($12.99, 15 ml)


If you are a first-time e-cig buyer and want to get everything from one merchant in a single order and be done with it, then I suggest making Volcano Menthol Burst your first e-liquid because it represents everything that can be so right about electronic cigarettes. It has enough cooling menthol to put frost on your nose, and the taste is a pure rush of mint. Im an experimenter when it comes to e-liquids, but I always buy more of this one when I start to get low. I suggest buying the 16 mg strength unless you smoke less than half a pack of light cigarettes per day. The first few days after switching are difficult for some, and you will find it much easier if you dont have to deal with nicotine fits.

The Best Tobacco e-Liquid

Halo Freedom Juice ($19.99, 30 ml)


Freedom Juice is a really remarkable e-liquid. Ive always said that you shouldnt expect an e-cig to taste like a real cigarette. After all, cigarettes taste like the smoke of burning tobacco. With an e-cig, nothing burns, and no smoke is created. Nevertheless, Halo got Freedom Juice so right that the likeness is uncanny minus the smelly clothes and bad breath. Halo Freedom Juice tastes like tobacco and spice, with peppery notes and just a hint of sweetness. If you smoke non-menthol cigarettes, this should be the first tobacco-flavored e-liquid that you try. I recommend purchasing the 18 mg strength if you smoke full-flavored cigarettes or the 12 mg strength if you prefer lights. If you try the 18 mg strength and find that it doesnt provide enough nicotine, Halo also has a 24 mg version but try 18 mg first, as most people will find 24 mg to be too much.

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